Johnson County encourages residents to be ready for severe weather

Storm cloud with rain falling down

Severe Weather Preparedness Week begins today, March 4, and runs through the week, and Johnson County will be conducting two emergency alert tests to help ensure residents are prepared.

Peak tornado months typically run from April to June in Kansas, but can happen as early as March. This week, the county will take part in a statewide tornado drill and test its NotifyJoCo emergency alert system.

Information to help residents prepare and stay informed during severe weather events can be found on the county’s severe weather guide.

Those living in Johnson County should be prepared for the upcoming emergency alert tests:

  • At 10 a.m. on Tuesday, March 5, Johnson County will be conducting an annual test of the NotifyJoCo mass notification system. As part of that test, the county will be sending a test message to all cell phones and landlines registered in Johnson County, in addition to people who have opted in to receive NotifyJoCo alerts.
  • At 11 a.m. on Wednesday, March 6, Johnson County will participate in the statewide tornado drill and its monthly test of the outdoor warning sirens.

Residents are encouraged to sign up for NotifyJoCo or to log in and review their account details ahead of the test. Register or sign in at

By registering with NotifyJoCo and customizing their alert preferences, residents and businesses can receive time-sensitive messages directly from the county and participating cities and public utilities within Johnson County.

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