Johnson County earns national recognition for rebuilt website

Three glass awards sitting on a table

It’s been nearly one year since was rebuilt and launched with an entirely user-friendly focus. The website features a wide range of enhancements over its previous version. Several national organizations are recognizing the improved design and function of the site.

This fall, jocogov was recognized by the National Association of Government Web Professionals with these 2022 Pinnacle Awards:

  • Best in Show Sponsor’s Award
  • City/County High Population Group
  • City/County High Population Group – Members Choice

The national Web Marketing Association recognized as the 2022 Government Standard of Excellence Award recipient.

Additionally, the county was named a finalist for the 2022 Government Experience Award, from the Center for Digital Government.

“We’re honored to be recognized after several years of planning, testing and fine tuning,” said Jody Hanson, director of public affairs and communications. “We gathered input from internal users, but also listened to the feedback from external audiences, through workgroups, user testing and surveys. We’re happy to see residents and others finding what they need on the site with minimal effort.”

Some of the features that have contributed to the success of the site include:

  • Improved layout and design for desktop, tablet and mobile device
  • User-focused functionality
  • High accessibility standards
  • Guides that create a one-stop-shop experience for a variety of popular items

The site continues to be maintained and improved upon on a daily basis, with the support of county web service and web management teams. They’ve created a wide range of standards to ensure continued success of the site. They enforce the standards through a workflow process that includes multiple checks for grammar, style, image sizing, accessibility and more.

“It’s amazing to see the collaboration with DTI, PIO and the departments, agencies and offices throughout the county,” said Bill Nixon, director of the Department of Technology and Innovation. “This data-driven approach makes it easy to give residents the content they need.”

Learn more about the site by watching this tutorial video. Feedback about the website is welcome by emailing

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