JoCo on the Go Podcast: Summer fun passport

On episode #156 of JoCo on the Go, we go over ten things to do this summer around Johnson County. Learn about all of these activities and more in the latest issue of JoCo Magazine.

10 Things to stamp in your summer fun passport

JoCo on the Go Webcast: 10 things to stamp in your Summer fun passport

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Do you have fun plans this summer? Let's add some more things to the list in this episode of JoCo on the Go, we're covering 10 things to stamp in your summer fun passport.

Whether you live in or just love Johnson County, Kansas JoCo. on the Go has everything Johnson County. Here's what's happening and what's coming up in the community you call home.

Welcome to JoCo on the Go. My name is Keri O'Brien and I'm your host today. I'm the editor for Johnson County magazine, a resident and employee of Johnson County. In the most recent issue of JOCO magazine, we go over 10 things to stamp into your summer fun passport. I thought it would be a fun idea for residents of Johnson County to be able to check off the things that they had done this summer and come up with some new ideas about what they hadn't done. In preparation for this episode. I drove all around Johnson County so that I could take selfies in front of all of these various locations and mark them off with my own Summer Fun passport. Some of these activities are for families and children. Some of them are for adults. If you're looking for something fun to do, there's certainly something on this list for everyone. 

The first item on the list is Johnson County Library. Explore everything that the library has to offer. Now find free with a wide variety of resources both at your nearest branch and online. Also, in this issue of Johnson County magazine, we go over the summer reading program. 

Number two ,theater in the park. One of the largest outdoor community theaters in the country, theater in the park hosts outdoor shows all summer long at Shawnee Mission Park. Visit the website for more information and schedules. 

Number three, Johnson County Museum. Offering long term and changing exhibits. Johnson County Museum inspires learners of all ages. On page 16 of this issue, we also go over one of the current exhibits at Johnson County Museum and go over the history of trains in our county.

Number four, the garden gallery. This teaching garden displays a diverse variety of plants for home landscapes. Visit the Master Gardeners on Thursday mornings April through October to ask some questions about gardening. You can also visit their website for a phone number and email to contact them with questions you have.

Number five, volunteering. You can help extend the reach of county programs while learning new things and developing new skills. There are lots of different volunteering opportunities all throughout the county. actually how I started getting involved in Johnson County. 

Number six, Johnson County golf courses. Heritage Park and Tomahawk Hills Golf Course. Both offer challenging and beautiful courses. Contact each facility for more information on pricing and times. 

Number seven, beaches in Johnson County. Whether you're looking for a great spot to build a sandcastle or cool off in the lake, Johnson County Parks and Recreation District has what you're looking for. 

Number eight, pickleball in Johnson County. Are you a beginner or a pickleball Pro? In addition to a variety of courts, JCPRD also offers tournaments and classes. 

Number nine, sunset community garden. This quarter acre fruit and vegetable farm space in Olathe produces three to 4000 pounds of produce each year and is distributed to those in need. You can also sign up to volunteer. 

Number ten, classes and activities. Many different county programs offer classes on a variety of topics. From art classes to sports, food prep to history classes, check out the wide variety of county events coming up. 

After going through that full list. You certainly can't say there's nothing to do here. You can read about all of this and more in Johnson County magazine, both in your mailbox and online. You can also check out links to all of these various programs Beyond those 10 things. There are lots of other things to do all over Johnson County throughout this issue. Thank you so much for joining me on my first episode of JoCo on the Go and thank you for listening. I hope you have a wonderful summer.

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