Board of County Commissioners Monthly Recap: August 2023

Here are highlights of the Board of County Commissioners’ actions and activities in August 2023.

More information, including official minutes, votes and videos on all items is available at

FY 2024 Budget Adopted

The BOCC adopted the county’s FY 2024 budget, as well as the budgets for the four fire districts in the county. As part of the process, the county held a public hearing on Aug. 21 on the budget which also served as a hearing on the intention to exceed the Revenue Neutral Rate for the county taxing district, Johnson County park and Recreation District and Johnson County Library.

Allocations of Coronavirus funding

Several allocations were made in August for investing $4.18 million in in Coronavirus SLFRF funding received from the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

$2 million for ADA improvements at Theatre in the Park including improvements to restrooms, concessions and accessible connecting pathways. Vote: Passed 5-2.

  • Yes: Fast, Meyers, Allenbrand, Hanzlick, Kelly
  • No: O’Hara, Ashcraft

$512,000 for an Eviction Mediation Pilot Program ($12,000) by District Court Administration and utility assistance ($500,000) by the Department of Aging and Human Services. Vote: Passed 6-1.

  • Yes: Fast, Meyers, Allenbrand, Hanzlick, Ashcraft, Kelly
  • No: O’Hara

$1,153,000  for housing and workforce programs by Developmental Supports to help individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Vote: Passed 7-0.

$15,000 as a one-time payment to the Old Settlers Association. Vote: Passed 6-1.

  • Yes: Fast, Meyers, O’Hara, Allenbrand, Ashcraft, Kelly
  • No: Hanzlick

$500,000 for two designated non-profit organizations for behavioral health and therapeutic substance use disorder recovery programs. Vote: Passed 5-2.

  • Yes: Fast, Meyers, O’Hara, Allenbrand, Kelly
  • No: Hanzlick, Ashcraft

Bonds authorized unanimously

Authorized the issuance, sale and delivery of tax-exempt General Obligation Internal Improvement Bonds for the purpose of providing funds to finance New Century Commerce Center improvements in an aggregate principal amount of $11,730,000 and certain airport improvements in an aggregate principal amount of $5,110,000.

Authorized the acquisition, design, construction, equipping and furnishing of certain building and facility improvements and approved the issuance by the Public Building Commission of Johnson County of its Lease Purchase Revenue Bonds for Household Hazardous Waste & Med-Act projects in Olathe and Lenexa in the aggregate principal amount of $15,815,000 and Merriam Plaza Library in the aggregate principal amount of $6,465,000.

Additional Mental Health staff, purchase of crisis response vehicle

Approved acceptance of the Mobile Crisis Response Expansion and Development Grant of $399,685.20 and authorized the Mental Health Department to add 3.0 FTEs to the Mobile Crisis Response Team, the purchase of a crisis response vehicle, and reallocation and expenditure of fund balance (reserves) for FY 2023 in the amount of $399,685.20. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Step pay plan for emergency service personnel

Approved and adopted Resolution No. 079-23 converting to a step pay plan for Med-Act emergency service personnel for FY 2024. Vote: Passed 7-0.

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