Board of County Commissioners Meeting Recap: Sept. 28, 2023

The Board of County Commissioners met on Thursday, Sept. 28 in the Hearing Room at the Johnson County Administration Building.

The Board issued proclamations declaring October as Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Sept. 26 as World Environmental Health Day.

Below, you can find a recap of the items discussed during the meeting.

More information, including official minutes, votes, videos, information about how to make public comments and how to request accommodations is available at This recap is not the official record of the BOCC meeting.

BOCC Agenda for Sept. 28, 2023

Correcting a clerical error

Authorized the County Appraiser’s Office to make an appraisal correction to the 2023 tax roll for Commercial Real Estate. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Using Construction Manager at Risk for Sunflower Fire Station

Conducted a public hearing and authorized Johnson County Facilities Management to:

  • utilize the Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) alternative project delivery method for the Sunflower Fire Station Project
  • designate a Selection Committee to act on behalf of the Board to oversee the CMAR firm selection process, and
  • designate Johnson County Financial Management and Administration staff to oversee and evaluate the CMAR bidding process for self-performed work.

Vote: Passed 7-0.

Professional services for database upgrade and migration for Johnson County Wastewater

Approved a Statement of Work addendum to JCW’s 2009 License Agreement and Exception to Competition for Cayenta, a division of N. Harris Computer Corporation, for professional services to migrate the Cayenta Oracle database to Microsoft SQL Server database, at an estimated cost of $155,500. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Connectivity and fiber optic use inter-local agreement

Approved a connectivity and fiber optic use inter-local agreement between Johnson County, Kansas, and the Gardner/Edgerton Unified School District No. 231. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Amendment to BOCC Rules of Order

Adopted the second revision to the Amended Rules of Order for the Board of County Commissioners of Johnson County.

An amendment to edit language in Article IX, Section 2, Paragraph E, 3.d from “pertains to any existing contract” to “conflicts with any existing county contract." Vote: Passed 4-3.

  • Yes: Fast, O’Hara, Hanzlick, Ashcraft
  • No: Meyers, Allenbrand, Kelly

(Including the added amendment) Vote: Passed 5-2.

  • Yes: Fast, Meyers, Hanzlick, Allenbrand, Kelly
  • No: O’Hara, Ashcraft

Remodeling project at the New Century Adult Detention Center for Video Court

Authorized a Fiscal Year 2023 start date for the FY 2024 approved New Century Adult Detention Center Remodel for Video Court Capital Improvement Project and authorized the reallocation and expenditure of reserves for FY 2023 in the amount of $200,000 from the General Fund. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Contract for Johnson County magazines and other publications

Authorized a contract with LSC Communications, Inc., for printing of JOCO magazines and publications, at a cost not-to exceed $430,000 for a one (1) year term with the option to renew for an additional four (4) one (1) year terms. Vote: Passed 5-2.

  • Yes: Fast, Meyers, Hanzlick, Allenbrand, Kelly
  • No: O’Hara, Ashcraft

Manager’s Memo, County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson

Redistricting – 2023 Review

The Board of County Commissioners has the responsibility to configure the county into six county commissioner districts and to ensure that the districts are proportional for representational purposes. The latest review has occurred and the findings along with a staff recommendation are included in this Redistricting Memo.

County Economic Research Institute (CERI) Indicators – September 2023 Edition

The September 2023 edition of the Economic Indicators for Johnson County has been provided by CERI. The unemployment rate for July 2023 is 2.8%, compared to 2.9% in July of 2022, a 0.1% decrease. The average unemployment rate for July the previous 5 years is 3.9%. The number of single-family homes sold in July 2023 was 781, compared to 1,028 in July 2022, a 24% decrease. More information is available in this memo and these indicators.

City of De Soto – RIO Vista, LLC. IRB (Notice of Public Hearing)

The City of De Soto will be conducting a public hearing on Thursday, October 5th at 7:00 p.m., to consider approving a property tax abatement project. The proposed project is to be financed with $12,500,000 in industrial revenue bonds for acquiring, purchasing, constructing, installing, and equipping, a 59-unit apartment complex consisting of approximately 3 total buildings to be located at 8150 Shawnee St. within De Soto, Kansas. The applicant has requested a 10-year, 90% property tax abatement. More information is available in this notice and this cost-benefit analysis.

Study Session on Sept. 28

The BOCC held a study session to hear a Crisis Continuum of Care update from Johnson County Mental Health Center.

Items on the Agenda for Oct. 5, 2023

Proposed bylaws for several boards

In separate actions, consider approving proposed bylaws of the Johnson County West Consolidated Zoning Board, Johnson County East Consolidated Zoning Board and Johnson County Planning Commission.

Rezoning for residential subdivision

Consider a request from Harold Phelps, Phelps Engineering, applicant, on behalf of Aaron and Christen Stoffer, landowners, for a Rezoning from RUR to RN-2 and a Preliminary and Final Plat for a four lot residential subdivision to be known as Stone Hill Manor located at 2550 W 171st Street, Aubry Township.

Conditional Use Permit for Halloween event

Consider a request from Don Doleshal, applicant, on behalf of Tammy Doleshal, Don Doleshal, Steve Doleshal, and Kristen Nasternak landowners, for a Conditional Use Permit Renewal for a seasonal drive-through Halloween event for Jack’s Hollow at 30450 W 143rd Street, on 29.4 acres and for a 3-year term.

2024 County Assistance Road System Program expenditures

Consider approving the 2024 County Assistance Road System Program expenditures, in an amount not to exceed $20,008,000.

2024 Stormwater Management Program expenditures

Consider approving the 2024 Stormwater Management Program expenditures, in an amount not to exceed $20,125,000.

Inmate housing contract for periodic detention

Consider approving an inmate housing contract authorizing the periodic detention of inmates from Miami County, Kansas at the Johnson County Adult Detention Centers by the Sheriff of Johnson County, Kansas at a rate of $85 per day, per inmate.

Increase to MNH TRP Building Program Modifications capital project

Consider approving and authorizing an increase of $1,035,750 to the MNH TRP Building Program Modifications capital project bringing the new total project authorization to an amount not to exceed $2,027,760 authorizing the reallocation of General Fund Reserves in a maximum amount not to exceed $595,000 and Mental Health Reserves in an amount not to exceed $440,750.

Contract for lighting retrofits for multiple county buildings

Consider authorizing a contract with Facilities Solutions Group to perform lighting retrofits for multiple county buildings as part of the Energy Efficiency Measures CIP program in the amount of $460,405.

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