Board of County Commissioners Meeting Recap: March 2, 2023

The Board of County Commissioners met on Thursday, March 2 in the Hearing Room at the Johnson County Administration Building.

The board proclaimed March 6-10 as Severe Weather Awareness Week in Johnson County.

Below, you can find a recap of the items discussed during the meeting.

More information, including official minutes, votes, videos, information about how to make public comments and how to request accommodations is available at This recap is not the official record of the BOCC meeting.

BOCC Action for March 2, 2023

Appointment to Tenth Judicial District Nominating Commission

Approved the appointment of Trenton Louis Dansel - Sixth District representative to the Tenth Judicial District Nominating Commission through March 7, 2027. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Purchase of fleet vehicles

Authorized the purchase of various fleet vehicles and equipment from competitively solicited contracts in an amount not to exceed $6,727,879. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Funding for civilian security

Approved funding for FY2023 for 10 full-time civilian positions provided to the Sheriff’s Office in August of 2022, without funding, and approved the use of reserves in 2023 at a cost of $819,063. These positions provide security at the Courthouse, fill posts at the detention centers and support recruiting efforts. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Contract increase with VitalCore

Approved Request for Proposal (RFP) 2019-083 and authorized a contract increase in the amount of $3,788,613 with VitalCore Health Strategies, LLC, for inmate and offender medical services and prescriptions, in the total amount of $24,297,234, for a 3-year contract with the option to renew for one additional 3-year period and authorized the reallocation and expenditure of General Fund reserves in Fiscal Year 2023 in the amount of $380,400. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Possible revoking of two pandemic resolutions

Approved a motion to place on a future agenda for board discussion and possible revocation of two resolutions adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Manager’s Memo, County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson

National Employee Appreciation Day is March 3

Citing the first Friday in March has been designated National Employee Appreciation since 1995, County  Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson called attention to the 2023 observance on March 3. The annual celebration was created to focus the attention of employers, in all industries, on employee recognition. Johnson County Government currently has approximately 3,500 employees. Every day I am impressed with our skilled, passionate, and innovative workforce dedicated to implementing the Board of County Commissioners priorities and serving our community. They are a major reason Johnson County was recently named as the third best county in the nation by the website Niche. Please join me in thanking our workforce for the work they do every day, but especially in honor of National Employee Appreciation Day.

Other Reports

  • Johnson County Appraiser Beau Boisvert provided the 2023 Revaluation Results.
  • Mark Dapp, principal management and budget analyst at the Budget and Financial Planning, presented a Legislative Update of the ongoing Kansas Legislature session.

Items on the Agenda for March 9, 2023

Appointment to Park and Recreation Commission

Consider approving the appointment of Erik Hage - Seventh District representative to the Park and Recreation Commission through Jan. 31, 2026.

Unexpended KDOC funds to Corrections

Consider authorizing and submitting the budget for the Johnson County Department of Corrections’ SFY 2022 Unexpended Funds award from the Kansas Department of Corrections (KDOC) in an amount not to exceed $86,639.53; and authorize a use of General Funds reserves in an amount not to exceed $86,640.

Agreement with Technology Group Solutions

Consider authorizing an annual agreement with Technology Group Solutions (TGS) for the purchase of Cisco Smart Net maintenance and support in the amount not to exceed $119,447.26 per State of Kansas Contract 47258.

Contract  with Mythics

Consider authorizing a contract with Mythics, for Oracle Enterprise Business Suite (EBS) migration services at the cost of $370,800 and a (1) year term for the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) subscription with four (4) optional annual renewals at a yearly cost not to exceed $142,251 thereafter per State of Kansas Contract 48188.

Agreement with Optiv

Consider authorizing an annual agreement with Optiv for the purchase of firewall maintenance and support in the amount not to exceed $106,648.56 per State of Kansas Contract 46253.

Interlocal agreement with Shawnee

Consider approving an interlocal agreement to participate in the City of Shawnee’s Neighborhood Revitalization Area.

Contract change order for wastewater project

Consider authorizing contract change order authority with Crossland Heavy Contractors, Inc. for the Douglas L. Smith Middle Basin Wastewater Treatment Facility FOG Mixing System Improvements Project (IMB1-Contract 33) in an amount not to exceed $250,000 and authorizing the Wastewater General Manager to sign change orders up to $250,000 in total, including a project change order over $100,000, for a contract maximum of $798,692.

Funding increase for airport rail project

Consider approving and authorizing an increase of $153,204 for the FY 2022 Airport KDOT Rail Grant Maintenance Capital Improvement Project bringing the new total project authorization to an amount not to exceed $705,771 and transferring approximately $153,204 from Airport Enterprise Fund reserves to fund the project increase; and authorizing a change order with T.L. Wallace, LLC in the amount of $153,204 for a not to exceed total contract amount of $1,534,620.30 for the purchase of KDOT Rail Grant Maintenance, IFB # 2022-075.

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