Board of County Commissioners Meeting Recap: June 2, 2022

Yesterday, the Board of County Commissioners met for the June 2 meeting in the Hearing Room at the Johnson County Administration Building.

Below, you can find a recap of the items discussed during yesterday's meeting. BOCC also issued a proclamation declaring June 3 as National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

More information, including official minutes, votes, videos, information about how to make public comments and how to request accommodations is available through our online meeting portal. Note: This not the official record of the BOCC meeting.

BOCC Actions for June 2, 2022

Chairman Eilert was absent.

Plan Approved for Panda Express Restaurant in Gardner

Approved Resolution No. 025-22 regarding the City of Gardner’s Application No. FDP-21-06, Final Development Plan for a Panda Express Restaurant on 0.8 acre, located southwest of East Santa Fe Street and Cedar Niles Road, within one mile of New Century AirCenter. Vote: Passed 6-0

Colson Place Rezoned at Gardner Lake

Approved Resolutions No. 024-22 and No. 032-22, applications No. SW 21-174-REZ (GA) and No. SW 21-175-PP/FP (GA), and Plat Exception 06-02-2022 to grant requests from Allenbrand-Drews and Associates, Inc., applicant, and Edwin and Judy Colson, landowners, to rezone approximately 5,512.2 square feet of property from RUR to PRU1B, Preliminary and Final Plat, which shall serve as the Preliminary and Final Development Plans, and one waiver for one residential lot to be known as Colson Place, located at 15645 Lake Road 4 Street. Votes:

  • Resolution No. 024-22 Passed 6-0
  • Resolution No. 032-22 Passed 6-0
  • Plat Exception Authorization No. 06-02-22 Passed 6-0

Roos Estates Rezoned in Gardner Township

Approved Resolutions No. 028-22 and No. 029-22, and applications No. SW 22-196-REZ (GA) and No. SW 22-197-PP/FP (GA) to grant requests from Harold Phelps of Phelps Engineering, applicant, on behalf of Mark and Susan Roos, landowners, for a rezoning from PRU1B and RUR to PRU1B, Preliminary and Final Plat, which shall serve as the Preliminary and Final Development Plans and one waiver for a single residential lot to be known as Roos Estates, located at 15790 Gardner East Road, Gardner Township. Votes:

  • Resolution No. 028-22 Passed 6-0
  • Resolution No. 029-22 Passed 6-0

Parking Stalls Reduced for New Hangar

Approved Resolution No. 027-22 and Application No. SW 22-193-FDP (GA) to grant a request from Nick Ewing, Sullivan Palmer Architects on behalf of JR Dodson, applicant, Johnson County Airport, landowner, regarding a revised Final Development Plan for a parking stall number reduction waiver from 22 stalls to 11 stalls on 2.56 acres, on property zoned PEC-3, Planned Research, Development and Light Industrial Park District, located at 270 Gardner Drive in Section 18, Township 14, Range 23. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Medical Examiner’s Office to Provide Services to Other Counties

Approved the Medical Examiner’s Office (MEO) as amended below to provide services to outside counties, as detailed in the previously approved Fee Schedule for providing such services, under the terms and conditions described in the Form Autopsy Service Agreement, ratified the MEO agreement with Reno County for autopsy services and authorized the County Manager to authorize future MEO service agreements utilizing the Fee Schedule and Form Autopsy Service Agreement and to take such actions as may be necessary to implement the agreement. Vote: Passed 6-0 (with amendment).

Approved an amendment to the MEO agreement Motion to hold Johnson County residents harmless and that all additional costs above that will be recouped by increase in fees. Vote: Passed 4-2.

  • Yes: Fast, O’Hara, Hanzlick Ashcraft  
  • No:  Meyers, Allenbrand

Autopsy Technician Added to Medical Examiner’s Office

Authorized the Medical Examiner’s Office to add 1.0 fulltime equivalent (FTE) autopsy technician position for FY 2022 at a cost of approximately $41,000 in FY 2022 and $72,000 in FY 2023, to be funded by revenue generated by autopsy services provided to outside counties. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Funding Approved for Wastewater Projects

Conducted a public hearing and approved Resolution No. WD 22-013 to authorize funds for Johnson County Wastewater infrastructure improvement projects in an amount not to exceed $4,099,000. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Transit Division Move to Public Works Department

Conducted a public hearing and approved Resolution No. 036-22 to authorize  the reorganization of the transportation division and responsibilities (“Transit”) from the Department of Planning, Housing and Community Development and into the Public Works Department. According to the county’s Home Rule Charter, the organizational change must come before the Board of County Commissioners for final authorization. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Purchase Authorized for 15 Johnson County Transit Vehicles

(Item Added to the Agenda): Authorized an exception to competition to purchase fifteen 2022 Ford E450 Glaval Cutaway vehicles from Master’s Transportation Inc, including the requisite ancillary equipment, using $826,242 of State Operating Funding, $646,806 of Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Surface Transportation Program grant funds, and a local match of $258,702, for a total cost not to exceed $1,732,250. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Motion Made, Then Tabled, Regarding Truck Traffic on Secondary Roads

Motion was initially made to direct the county staff (& Sheriff’s Office) to take action in accordance with the Comprehensive Arterial Road Network Plan (CARNP) as adopted by the Board to discourage through truck traffic use on all county secondary roads with traffic issues from the Intermodal, including 199th Street; Moonlight Road; Gardner Road; 207th, 215th and 191st Streets; all county secondary roads unless designated as a truck route.

Motion was then tabled to receive further information from a current study of truck traffic/impact on roadways/possible recommendations that is expected to be presented to the Board in the coming weeks by the Public Works Department. Vote: Passed 4-2 to table motion.

  • Yes: Fast, Meyers, Hanzlick, Allenbrand
  • No: O’Hara, Ashcraft

Manager’s Memo, County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson

Project Delivery Plan for the Nelson Wastewater Treatment Facility

The Board has approved preliminary design phase funding with Black & Veatch, preconstruction phase services with McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. and initial funding for the project. The project team has developed a project delivery plan, which includes multiple Guaranteed Maximum Price contract amendments to begin the sequencing of removing old processes, starting up new ones and seeking earlier price certainty in helping to avoid the potential of cost escalation due to the volatile and inflationary market. View the attached slide presentation for additional information.

Bimonthly Report Provides Updates on Major Projects

Report, which focuses on major projects over $1 million and master plans, is provided bimonthly and supplements the Public Building Commission biannual reports in February and August. The information contained in this report is through May 27, 2022. View a copy of the report.

Olathe Plans Public Hearing on Proposed TIP for Industrial Project

The City of Olathe will be conducting a public hearing on Tuesday, June 7, to consider approving a property tax abatement project. The proposed project is to be financed with $48,850,000 in industrial revenue bonds for acquiring and constructing an approximately 567,840-square-foot industrial building to be located at approximately the northwest corner of 159th Street and Old Highway 56 in the I-35 Logistics Park. The applicant has requested a 10-year, 50% property tax abatement. View a copy of the cost-benefit analysis and notice.

Special BOCC Meeting on June 6 Regarding Proposed Solar Amendments

A special BOCC meeting is scheduled at 2 p.m. Monday, June 6, in the hearing room at the Johnson County Administration building regarding proposed solar amendments recommended by the Planning Commission. These amendments would allow Utility-Scale Solar Facilities in unincorporated areas of Johnson County. View a memo from Peg Trent, Chief Counsel, with additional information related to this meeting.

Meadowbrook Park Festival Set Friday on Great Lawn

A free public celebration of art and parks hosted by the Parks and Recreation Foundation of Johnson County is scheduled at Meadowbrook Park from 3-9 p.m. Friday, June 3. The new Meadowbrook Park Festival, which falls close to the third anniversary of the park’s opening. Activities will take place on the park’s Great Lawn, 9101 Nall Ave., Prairie Village. More information is available online through the Johnson County Parks Foundation.

Fiscal Year 2023 Budget Process

The Board met as the Committee of the Whole (CoW) to discuss proposed FY 2023 budgets/requests from Public Safety, Judicial, and Emergency Services, including the District Attorney, Sheriff, District Courts, Corrections and Department of Emergency Services, and outside agencies, including the Arts Council, United Community Services, County Economic Research Institute (CERI), Enterprise Center and Fair. Find more details about the meeting. Weekly CoW departmental presentations are scheduled through June 9 as part of the Board’s final budget process.

Items on the Agenda for June 9, 2022

Addition of Oversized Accessory Building

Resolution No. 035-22. Application No. SE 22-199-CUP (OX). Consider a request from Lesley and Gregory Ramirez, landowners, for a Conditional Use Permit for an Oversized Accessory Building on property zoned RN1, Residential Neighborhood 1, in Section 09, Township 14, Range 24, located at 14946 W. 156th Circle.

Expansion of Self-Storage Facility

Resolution No. 039-22. Application No. SE 22-201-PDP/FDP (AU). Consider a request from Woody Palmer of Stillwell Land Holdings, Applicant and Landowner, for revised Preliminary Development Plan (PDP) and Final Development Plan (FDP) for the expansion of a self-storage facility on property in Section 18, Township 15, Range 25. Located at 7225 W. 207th Street.

Amendment to Wastewater Contract

Consider authorizing a contract amendment with McCarthy Building Companies, Inc., for Guaranteed Maximum Price Number 1 – Turkey Creek Force Main Pipe Procurement, for Construction Manager at Risk construction phase services for the Nelson Wastewater Treatment Facility Improvements project (NEL-C001) in an amount not to exceed $2,426,710.

MED-ACT Co-Location with Fire District

Consider authorizing a License Agreement with Consolidated Fire District 2 (CFD2) for the purpose of MED-ACT co-location and to provide usable space, outlined in Exhibit A, for MED-ACT personnel, an ambulance, equipment, and supplies for a term of ten years with a one-time payment to CFD2 in the amount of $262,475 to be effective Jan. 1, 2022; and authorizing a use of General Fund reserves in an amount not to exceed $262,475.

Replacement of Alarm Desk Radio Systems

Resolution No. 034-22. Consider adopting Resolution No. 034-22 to amend the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022-2026 Capital Improvement Program to include Department of Emergency Services Alarm Upgrades; to authorize an Exception to Competition for an Agreement with Motorola Solutions, Inc. for the purchase of software, hardware, and technical services to replace the alarm desk radio systems; and to authorize a use of General Fund reserves in an amount not to exceed $997,385.

Repairs to Detention Center Elevator

IFB # 2022-023. Consider authorizing a contract with Minnesota Elevator for KONA MRL IDA1217-NC9 Elevator Repair at the New Century Adult Detention Center, in the amount of $108,700.

Sewer Agreement for Fire Station (Tabled to Be Brought Back at a Later Date)

Sitting as the Governing Body of Fire District No. 2, consider approving a Sanitary Sewer Installation Agreement with Southern Meadows, LLC, and two sanitary sewer easements to connect the fire station at 18475 Mission Rd. to sanitary sewers, at a cost not to exceed $35,401.54 to be paid from Fire District No. 2 reserve funds.

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