Board of County Commissioners Meeting Recap: June 1, 2023

The Board of County Commissioners met on Thursday, June 1 in the Hearing Room at the Johnson County Administration Building. Below, you can find a recap of the items discussed during the meeting.

Commissioner Michael Ashcraft was absent.

The Board proclaimed June 2 as National Gun Violence Awareness Day.

More information, including official minutes, votes, videos, information about how to make public comments and how to request accommodations is available at This recap is not the official record of the BOCC meeting.

BOCC Action for June 1, 2023

Contract amendment regarding credit card vendor

Approved Amendment #1 to the Johnson County Standard Agreement and Contract Conditions to the Via Mobility Transportation Management Software Contract between Johnson County Government and Via Mobility with respect to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Fiber optic inter-local agreement with City of Shawnee

Approved a connectivity and fiber optic use inter-local agreement between Johnson County, Kansas and the City of Shawnee, Kansas at a one-time cost of $75,000. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Payment authorization for emergency repair at Adult Residential Center in Dec. 2022

Authorized payment to Universal Construction for the emergency repair and restoration of the Adult Residential Center Building 3 in an amount not to exceed $185,203. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Compensation increase for election clerks and supervising judges

Approved Resolution No. 040-23 and authorized an increase in compensation for election clerks from $110 to $150 per day and supervising judges from $135 to $200 per day for Johnson County elections. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Development plans and final plats for two warehouse buildings

Approved Resolution No. 037-23, Application No’s SE 23-285-PDP/FDP (AU) and SE 23-286-FP (AU) regarding a request from Judd Claussen, Phelps Engineering, applicant, and Emch Feed & Elevator Co., landowner, approved a Revised Preliminary Development Plan, Final Development Plan and Revised Final Plat for two contractor storage warehouse buildings within the Metcalf 211 development, located southwest of 210th Street and Metcalf Avenue, Section 18, Township 15, Range 25. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Conditional Use Permit renewal for landscaping business

Approved Resolution 038-23, Application No. SE 23-284-CUP (AU) regarding a request from GMW Partners, LLC, applicant and landowner, Gail Messenger, managing partner, for renewal of a Conditional Use Permit to allow a landscape, lawn and irrigation business with outside storage, located at 19160 Metcalf Avenue, on 10.5 acres, zoned PRB2, Planned Residential Neighborhood Retail Business District, Aubry Township, Johnson County, Kansas. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Bonds and tax abatement for facility at New Century Commerce Center

Adopted Resolution No. 027-23 to authorize Johnson County to issue Taxable Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs) in the principal amount not to exceed $34,150,000 and assignment of such bonds and related documents for the purpose of financing the construction of a manufacturing facility located at 16105 John Glenn Way, New Century and to grant an ad valorem tax abatement on the constructed improvements and land for 10 years starting at $.30 a foot escalating at 1.5 percent (1.5%) each year thereafter and entering into a payment in lieu of tax (PILOT) agreement, and certain other documents in connection with the issuance of the bonds. Vote: Passed 5-1.

  • Yes: Fast, Meyers, Hanzlick, Allenbrand, Kelly
  • No: O’Hara

Funding for wastewater infrastructure improvement projects

After a public hearing, approved Resolution No. WD 23-010 and authorized funds for Johnson County Wastewater infrastructure improvement projects in an amount not to exceed $2,075,000. Vote: Passed 6-0.

inDENSE Hydrocycle units for wastewater treatment facility

Authorized an exception to competition for the purchase of inDENSE Hydrocyclone units from World Water Works in an amount not to exceed $319,175 for the Douglas L. Smith Middle Basin Wastewater Treatment Facility. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Bridge contract for shoulder safety and structural improvement

Authorized a contract (IFB #2023-008) with McAnany Construction, Inc. for bridge construction, grading, surfacing and seeding for the 199th Street Shoulder Safety and Structural Improvement Project between Clare Road and US-169 Highway, in an amount not to exceed $3,615,855.40. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Construction inspection services contract

Authorized a contract under Construction Inspection Services Contract RFP No. 2019-061 for the 199th Street Shoulder Safety and Structural Improvement Project between Clare Road and US-169 Highway with Renaissance Infrastructure Consulting, at a cost not to exceed $236,000.50. Vote: Passed 6-0.

Manager’s Memo, County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson

Report details Major Projects Update through May 26, 2023

The bimonthly report for major projects over $1 million and master plans supplements the Public Building Commission biannual reports in February and August. The information contained in this report is through May 26, 2023. View a copy of the report.

Appraiser’s Office plans property site visits

The Johnson County Appraiser’s Office will be in the field this summer, conducting checks of properties with building permits and those involving new construction. Members of the office conducting the site visits will have proper identification identifying them as a county official. The purpose of the site visits is to verify property listings. There is no requirement for an interior inspection of properties. If residents have questions regarding these site visits, they are encouraged to contact the Appraiser’s Office at 913-715-9000 or email at

Public Works prepares truck safety study

Public Works is preparing an RFP for a comprehensive study on trucks traveling on unincorporated roads in the eastern part of the county (US-69 to State Line Road). The purpose of the study will be to determine the origin and destination of trucks traveling unincorporated road network within the study area. The study will include a comprehensive safety review of 199th Street from US-69 to State Line Road, including a review of crashes and geometrics and recommend interim safety improvements to the corridor. The study will also identify funding opportunities to help advance the schedule for the county’s comprehensive safety improvement projects from Renner Road to Antioch Road. Once ready, Public Works will introduce a briefing sheet to fund this study prior to the release of the RFP.

Committee of the Whole on June 1, 2023

Today the Board met as a Committee of the Whole to hear department budget presentations from the Enterprise Center, Elections, Infrastructure and Culture & Recreation. View the PowerPoint presentation.

Items on the Agenda for June, 8, 2023

Funding and contract for Wastewater JoCo Inflow Program

Resolution No. WD 23-012. Conduct a public hearing and consider authorizing $1,791,000 for the Johnson County Wastewater JoCo Inflow Program, increasing the total authorization to $2,541,000, and consider approving a contract with multiple plumbing contractors for the Private I/I Plumber Selection in an amount not to exceed $1,750,000 for a one (1) year term with the option to renew for up to four (4) additional one (1) year terms per Request for Proposal 2022-062.

Allocation of funds for Olathe Pathway Project

Consider authorizing the allocation of Coronavirus SLFRF received from the United States Department of the Treasury in the amount of $950,000 for the purpose of funding a community investment of infrastructure costs for Habitat for Humanity’s Olathe Pathway Project.

Allocation of funds for Landlord Incentive Pilot Program

Consider authorizing the allocation of Coronavirus SLFRF received from the United States Department of the Treasury in the amount of $200,000 for the purpose of funding a community investment towards a Landlord Incentive Pilot Program.

Allocation of funds for Landlord Risk Mitigation Pilot Program

Consider authorizing the allocation of $50,000 from General Fund Reserves (Countywide Support Fund) for the establishment of a Landlord Risk Mitigation Pilot Program.

Adoption of revised bylaws for Commission on Aging

Consider adopting the revised bylaws for the Johnson County Commission on Aging (COA).

Feasibility of a possible Housing Trust Fund

Chairman Kelly is requesting that the Board of County Commissioners authorize the County Manager’s Office to review and evaluate the feasibility of establishing a Housing Trust Fund.

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