Board of County Commissioners Meeting Recap: Feb. 29, 2024

The Board of County Commissioners met on Thursday, Feb. 29 in the Hearing Room at the Johnson County Administration Building.

The Board proclaimed March 4-8, 2024 as Severe Weather Preparedness Week in Johnson County.

Below, you can find a recap of the items discussed during the meeting.

More information, including official minutes, votes, videos, information about how to make public comments and how to request accommodations is available at This recap is not the official record of the BOCC meeting.

BOCC Agenda for Feb. 29, 2024

Condemnation for road safety improvement project

Adopted Resolution No. 020-24 authorizing the acquisition, by condemnation, of the rights-of-way and easements necessary for the Black Bob Road Safety Improvement Project between 159th and 167th Streets. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Agreement to participate in transportation connection plan

Approved a seven-party agreement with Douglas County, the Kansas Department of Transportation; the cities of Olathe, Gardner, Edgerton and De Soto; and Johnson County for the funding of and participation in the Southwest Metro Area Transportation Connection Plan with the Johnson County portion of the total not to exceed $62,500 and a project total not to exceed of $250,000.

Motion was made to amend the contract to include representation from all townships in the study area to the steering committee and to include opportunities for public comments. Vote: Failed 3-4.

  • Yes: O’Hara, Fast, Ashcraft
  • No: Meyers, Hanzlick, Allenbrand, Kelly

Approval of contract. Vote: Passed 6-1.

  • Yes: Fast, Meyers, Hanzlick, Allenbrand, Ashcraft, Kelly
  • No: O’Hara

Funding for Wastewater Integrated Plan Program

After a public hearing, authorized planned annual funds for the Johnson County Wastewater Integrated Plan Program in an amount of $3,606,000, for a total program authorization amount of $15,623,000, and approved a contract amendment for $3,606,000 with HDR Engineering for a not-to-exceed contract amount of $15,314,000. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Contract to enhance county cybersecurity tools

Authorized a contract with Optiv to enhance county cybersecurity tools in the amount of $1,177,740 for a three-year agreement, paid annually in the amount of $392,580. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Funding for finance and administrative manager at Election Office

Authorized the addition of 1.0 FTE for a finance and administrative manager for the Election Office at an expected cost of $95,000 in FY 2024 and authorized the reallocation and expenditure of reserves for FY 2024 in the amount of $95,000 from the General Fund. Vote: Passed 5-2.

  • Yes: Fast, Meyers, Hanzlick, Allenbrand, Kelly
  • No: O’Hara, Ashcraft

Manager’s Memo, County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson

CERI releases Economic Indicators for February

The County Economic Research Institute has provided the February 2024 edition of the Economic Indicators for Johnson County. The unemployment rate for December 2023 was 1.8%, compared to 2.2% in December 2022. The number of single-family homes sold in December 2023 was 561, compared to 639 in December 2022, a 12.2% decrease. Year to date the number of single-family homes sold in 2023 was 8,310 compared to 10,211 in 2022, an 18.6% decrease. The number of single-family building permits issued in December 2023 was 116 compared to 59 in December 2022, a 96.6% increase. Year to date the number of single-family building permits issued in 2023 is 1,402 compared to 1,641 in 2022, a 14.6% decrease. Additionally, CERI reports total retail sales for Johnson County were $18.2 billion year-to date through November 2023, compared to $17.5 billion through the same period year-to-date November 2022, a 3.9% increase. View the full report.

Ribbon-cutting celebrates opening of MED-ACT Station in Lenexa

MED-ACT Station #1135 at 8755 Long Street in Lenexa celebrated its grand opening with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday, Feb. 28. Vice Chairman Jeff Meyers and Lenexa Mayor Julie Sayers were featured speakers at the event. J. Paul Davis, director of Johnson County Emergency Services, served as emcee. The new station is a remodeled former car wash and an illustration of an effective collaboration between Emergency Services and the Department of Facilities Management. The station needed to be relocated due to an expansion of the Lenexa Recreation Center at the former MED-ACT site of 9224 Haskins St. The new location maintains an effective response in eastern Lenexa.

National Employee Appreciation Day is March 1

March 1, 2024 is National Employee Recognition Day. Since 1995, the first Friday of March is dedicated to showing appreciation for employers in all industries. Johnson County Government currently has approximately 4,000 employees. They are highly skilled, passionate and innovative. I appreciate their dedication to implementing BOCC’s priorities and serving our community. We annually score high marks in our community satisfaction survey and could not do that without our workforce. Please join me in thanking our workforce for the work they do every day, but especially in honor of National Employee Appreciation Day.

Other Reports – Revaluation Results

Appraiser Beau Boisvert provided a report on 2024 revaluation results.

Other Reports – Legislative

Mark Dapp, deputy director of Budget and Financial Planning, presented a legislative update through the week of Feb. 19.

Committee of the Whole on Feb. 29, 2024

Board met as a Committee of the Whole and received a review of BOCC compensation.

Motion was made to have staff prepare a future action item regarding creation of an ad hoc residents committee on BOCC compensation for consideration by the board. Vote: Passed 6-1.

Commissioner O’Hara was absent

Items on the Agenda for March 7, 2024

Appointment to Fire District No. 1 board

Consider approving the appointment of Brian J Walker – Sixth District representative to the Fire District No. 1 Governing Board through July 1, 2024.

Appointment to DEI Coalition

Consider ratifying the appointment of Haile Sims – Chairman representative to the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Coalition through Oct. 31, 2025.

Appointment to Criminal Justice Advisory Council

Consider ratifying the appointment of Alleen VanBebber – Chairman representative to the Criminal Justice Advisory Council through Oct. 2, 2024.

Purchase of vaccines

Consider authorizing an exception to competition and authorizing Johnson County Department of Health and Environment to purchase certain vaccines manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur (Sanofi) under JCDHE’s membership with Atlantic Health Partners (Atlantic) with total annual purchases in an amount not to exceed $200,000 for the contract period ending Dec. 31, 2024, per Administrative Policy and Procedure #110.180.2.

Adding land to Edgerton Cemetery District

Resolution No. 015-24. Hold a public hearing to consider adopting Resolution No. 015-24 to add adjoining land to the Edgerton Cemetery District.

Plat and permit for soccer complex

Resolution No. 022-24 and Resolution No. 023-24 (Items Remanded from 12/14/2023 BOCC meeting), Application Nos. E 23-348-PP (AU) and E 23-349-CUP (AU). Consider a request from Dan Finn, Phelps Engineering, applicant, on behalf of Cogent Enterprises, LLC, landowners, for a Preliminary Plat (Preliminary Development Plan) for four lots on 67.07 acres and a Conditional Use Permit for a soccer complex on 54.4 acres and for a 5-year term at 20305 Metcalf Avenue.

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