Board of County Commissioners Meeting Recap: Feb. 23, 2023

The Board of County Commissioners met on Thursday, Feb. 23 in the Hearing Room at the Johnson County Administration Building.

Below, you can find a recap of the items discussed during the meeting.

More information, including official minutes, votes, videos, information about how to make public comments and how to request accommodations is available at This recap is not the official record of the BOCC meeting.

BOCC Action for Feb. 23, 2023

MOU for provision of crisis intervention assistance in several cities

Approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners and the cities of Merriam, Mission, Roeland Park, Fairway, Westwood, Westwood Hills and Mission Woods to provide crisis intervention assistance services. Vote: Passed 5-2.

  • Yes: Fast, Meyers, Allenbrand, Hanzlick, Kelly
  • No: Ashcraft, O’Hara

Special Use Permit renewal for quarry, accessory construction and demolition landfill operation

Approved Application No. SU19-0008 by the City of Olathe for a renewal of a Special Use Permit (SUP), for a quarry and accessory construction and demolition landfill operation for a 7-year term on 244 acres located at the southeast corner of 159th Street and Old 56 Highway in Olathe and located within one mile of New Century AirCenter. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Preliminary and final plat for 31 single-family lots at Mills Village

Approved Application Nos. PLT2022- 00068 and PLT2022-0069 by the City of Overland Park for a preliminary and final plat for Mills Village with 31 single-family lots on 11 acres located at the northeast and southeast corners of 167th Street and Quivira Road, Overland Park and located within one mile of the Johnson County Executive Airport. Vote: Passed 7-0.

License Agreement with Lenexa for MED-ACT co-location

Authorized a board-amended license agreement with the City of Lenexa for the purpose of MED-ACT co-location at Station 93 and to provide usable space for MED-ACT personnel, ambulance/response vehicles, equipment and supplies for a term of 10 years with a one-time payment to the City of Lenexa in the amount of $573,196 to be effective April 1, 2023; and authorized a use of General Fund reserves in an amount not to exceed $573,196. Vote: Passed 7-0.

Acquisition of land for rights-of-way and easements for road project

Authorized the acquisition, by condemnation, of the rights-of-way and easements necessary for the 183rd Street Shoulder Safety and Structural Improvement Project between Metcalf Avenue and Nall Avenue. Vote: Passed 6-1.

  • Yes: O’Hara, Fast, Meyers, Allenbrand, Hanzlick, Kelly
  • No: Ashcraft

Meeting as a Committee of the Whole

Johnson County Salary and Benefit Study

County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson; Will Coy, director of Human Resources, and other HR representatives; and  Brent Christensen, director of Financial Management & Administration, presented the Johnson County Salary and Benefit Study. No action was requested from the Board.

Manager’s Memo, County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson

CERI provides February 2023 edition of Economic Indicators

The February 2023 edition of the Economic Indicators for Johnson County has been provided by the County Economic Research Institute. The county unemployment rate was up slightly in December 2022, housing sales and single-family permits were down; and total retail sales for Johnson County had increased. View the full report.

Other Reports

Mark Dapp, principal management and budget analyst at the Budget and Financial Planning, provided a Legislative Update of the Kansas Legislature session.

Items on the Agenda for March 2, 2023

Appointment to Tenth Judicial District Nominating Commission

Consider approving the appointment of Trenton Louis Dansel - Sixth District representative to the Tenth Judicial District Nominating Commission through March 7, 2027. 

Funding for civilian security

Consider approving funding for FY2023 for 10 full-time civilian positions provided to the Sheriff’s Office in August of 2022, without funding, and approving the use of reserves in 2023 at a cost of $819,063. These positions provide security at the Courthouse, fill posts at the detention centers, and support recruiting efforts. 

Contract increase with VitalCore

Request for Proposal (RFP) 2019-083, Consider authorizing a contract increase in the amount of $3,788,613 with VitalCore Health Strategies, LLC, for inmate and offender medical services and prescriptions, in the total amount of $24,297,234, for a 3-year contract with the option to renew for one additional 3-year period, and authorizing the reallocation and expenditure of General Fund reserves in Fiscal Year 2023 in the amount of $380,400. 

Purchase of fleet vehicles

Consider authorizing the purchase of various fleet vehicles and equipment from competitively solicited contracts in an amount not to exceed $6,727,879.

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