Board of County Commissioners adopts 2023 state legislative platform

Board of County Commissioners sitting at the dais during a board meeting

On Thursday, Dec. 1, the Board of County Commissioners adopted the 2023 state legislative platform, used to provide direction on legislative issues.

Each year, the BOCC develops a state legislative platform, which allows the BOCC to convey its position on issues it sees as important – notably issues to be considered by the legislature in the given year, or standing positions.

In addition to conveying the BOCC’s stance on key issues, the legislative platform also helps direct county staff and the county’s contract lobbyist about how to advocate for these issues.

The legislative platform lays out top priorities for the year, with the 2023 Johnson County State Legislative Platform identifying four priorities:

  1. Support increased funding for mental health services and community mental health center grants.
  2. Support Medicaid expansion in Kansas.
  3. Supports continued expansion of the eligibility of the Homestead Act and SAFESR – Kansas Property Tax Relief for Low Income Seniors.
  4. Supports dedicated funding of a comprehensive transportation plan including highways, airports, trails and transit.

View the briefing sheet and draft of the 2023 state legislative platform.

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