Appraiser’s Office launches new portal for property value appeals

A person accessing the new Property Value Appeal portal on their laptop

The Johnson County Appraiser’s Office has launched a new online portal for property owners in the county to appeal their property value.

The Appraiser’s Office determines property values, sending out Notices of Appraised Value to property owners in the spring each year. Property owners can then submit a property value appeal using the portal.

To use the portal, you must create an account, then you can select the type of appeal you want to submit. There are two types of property appeals at the county level.

The first type of appeal is an informal appeal when Notices of Appraised Value are mailed to property owners in spring. The second type is payment under protest in late spring or fall when you pay your taxes.

You may use the new portal to file an appeal electronically (Note: You may only submit one appeal per year). On this webpage, you can view more detailed instructions on how to use the portal system. You can also view this user guide.

If you have issues as you use the portal, please contact the Appraiser’s Office Support Services Team at 913-715-9000 or

Informal appeal applications are due no later than 30 days from the mail day of the annual Notice of Appraised Value. Notices will start hitting mailboxes for commercial real property on Feb. 12 and for residential real property on Feb. 26.

Visit our Property Value Appeals webpage to learn more about the appeal process.