Appraiser’s Office conducting property site visits this summer

An Appraiser's Office staff member rings a doorbell at a house

Members of the Johnson County Appraiser’s office will be in the field this summer, conducting checks of properties with building permits, those involving new construction, recent sales, and needing updated photos.

Members of the office should have either a shirt or a badge identifying them as a county official, said Beau Boisvert, Johnson County appraiser, and will often be driving a county vehicle.

“If people happen to see us out there on these properties, we are there so we can verify property listings,” Boisvert said. “Residents who have questions about these routine visits are always welcome to call our office.”

There is no requirement for an interior inspection of properties, and appraisers will not ask to be let inside.

Though the office conducts property visits all year to verify property listings, much of the work is done during the coming summer months.