Appraiser’s Office to begin property imaging for valuation assessment

Car that will be used for Appraiser's Office photography project

Example of a car used to capture photos during the project.

The Johnson County Appraiser’s Office will in December begin a state-mandated property-imaging project to help the county appraise property values. These projects happen every six years. During the Board of County Commissioner’s meeting on Nov. 18, the board authorized funding for the project not to exceed $706,700.

The Johnson County Appraiser’s Office has contracted with Tyler Technologies and Cyclomedia to take high-resolution street level photos of the exterior of every property in Johnson County. The county will use these photos to create land record information used in the appraisal process. This countywide capture will include more than 3,800 drive miles, excluding interstate highways, cemeteries and interior parking lot lanes.

“This project is extremely important to ensure equality in the property appraisal process.” said Beau Boisvert, Johnson County Appraiser. “By utilizing this service, we can visualize, validate and manage assets quickly and efficiently across the county. We have control over the shooting technique and will have final approval on what images are acceptable, and if necessary, can request a re-shoot to ensure accuracy.”

Tyler Technologies and Cyclomedia field staff will photograph properties from customized four-door white hatchback vehicles (shown below) that will be clearly marked with a Cyclomedia sign on each side of the vehicle. All images collected, where faces and license plates are visible will be made unrecognizable by ‘blurring’.

This project is expected to take up to one year to complete. Images will not be taken if there is snow on the ground or leaves on the trees that may obscure the image of the structure. If weather conditions prevent capturing all the images necessary during this time, the shoot will continue into 2023.

In addition to the one primary image that the state requires, additional detailed images of parcels may be needed. For commercial parcels, this can include dock doors for warehouses, individual store fronts in strip malls and pad sites in parking lots. For residential parcels, larger outbuildings are also captured.

For more information, please visit or call 913-715-9000.

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