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Community Health Assessment Process (CHAP)

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appleThe Community Health Assessment Process (CHAP) is a Johnson County community partnership, which collectively and systematically assesses the health status and needs of our community.  The goal is to improve and/or maintain a high level of health for our citizenry.

CHAP Timeline

Current CHAP activities:

Community Health Improvement Plan 2012:

Community Health Assessment Data 2015/2016:

Presentations from Olathe Health System CHA, Saint Luke's Hospital CHA, Children's Mercy Hospital CHA, CDC Winnable Battles

CHAP Meeting Minutes 2016:

CHAP Meeting Minutes 2015:

CHAP Meeting Minutes 2014:

CHAP Meeting Minutes 2013:

CHAP Meeting Minutes 2012:

CHAP Meeting Minutes 2011:

Archived Information:

Previous CHAP Accomplishments