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johnson county residents
Johnson County Government exists to provide hundreds of high-quality services to its more than 560,000 residents. Some County initiatives are highly-visible and impact residents' lives on a daily basis, including wastewater, stormwater, and roadway improvements along with construction or renovation of public buildings. Others County services happen behind the scenes, while plenty of what we do is highly popular, like library programs, park and recreation activities and fun events.

Resident News

The Educator is In

hand drawn image of a kiosk with words "Good Information the Educator is IN"Join Museum educators stationed in the Museum's exhibit ,  Seeking the Good Life, for hands-on fun for all ages! Call 913-715-2575 for exact times each day.

July activities:  Shawnee Indian words and games

New 31 Day Bus Pass

Introducing New 31 Day Pass

Johnson County Transit is introducing 31 day passes to replace all existing Monthly passes. The KCATA (METRO) uses a similar 31 day pass. The cost for all passes will remain the same but now you get the flexibility of your own start time.  All passes are still valid on KCATA buses.  Purchase outlets have not changed.

Please remember – there are NO refunds for passes.  The passes will be validated and start counting 31 days from the first time the pass is dunked into the farebox.  Once validated, riders will swipe the pass on future boardings.  You can purchase multiple passes at a time, they will not activate until their first use.  New 31 day passes will go on sale by August 15, 2014.  

Again, there are no refunds.  If you accidentally misplace your pass or if the pass gets damaged and is unreadable by the farebox, you will have to purchase a new 31 day pass.  JCT recommends keeping your pass in a plastic jacket or some protective device. 

If you have questions about this new pass, please call 913-782-2210.  To purchase a pass – visit www.thejo.com, or come into our office between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Mon-Fri.

JO Passport companies will still return August monthly bus passes. Companies will receive 31 day passes as credit in lieu of past monetary credit (i.e., if you return eight August JO Passports, you will receive eight 31 day passes in addition to your standard order). Starting September 1, 2014, passes will no longer be on a “consignment basis” and passes will not be able to be returned for full credit. If you order extra passes, those will be paid for and need not be returned. The new passes have no expiration, they can be sold for any date, rather than for a specific calendar month. If you would like to change your order or have any questions, please contact Tina Pederson at 913-715-8347 or tina.pederson@jocogov.org. JCT feels this is the simplest transition with minimal disruption.

JoCo Treasurer (and Motor Vehicle) has a new online home

If you typed treasurer.jocogov.org into your Internet browser (or had that page bookmarked) and ended up here…welcome! Effective July 16, that website now lives within Johnson County Government’s website. All of the content, including areas for Motor Vehicle, Property Tax and Financial Management now reside here at www.jocogov.org.

Visitors will notice that on the home page of this site they have one-click access to popular services including “Online Tag Renewal,” which allows taxpayers to renew their annual vehicle registration electronically, and “Property Taxes,” which allows taxpayers to view and pay real estate and personal property tax bills online.

As with the prior website, Johnson County Motor Vehicle customers can easily find the “Get In Line” application to reserve a spot in the Olathe or Mission office. Other areas such as Property Tax, Purchasing, and Employee Benefits are also easy to find through the home page navigation.

Please take a tour of the new site here.

Advance voting by mail begins for August 5 Primary Election

Advance voting by mail for the August 5, 2014 Primary Election starts today, July 16. Advance voting in person begins July 21, 2014.

More information about advance voting and the August 2014 Primary Election:

Mobile Election Notification

"Where do I vote on Election Day?" In Johnson County, Kansas, your cell phone has the answer. Text VOTEKS, your address and ZIP to 74574. Within 60 seconds a return message displays your polling place name and address. See how it works.

For questions or additional information, please contact the Johnson County Election Office at election@jocoelection.org, call 913-782-3441, or visit www.jocoelection.org.



Get paid while learning how to shop healthy
Basket of cucumbers, tomatoes, squash and peppers.We know we should eat healthier. But it’s hard to fit healthy foods that seem so expensive into a tight budget. It’s especially hard when living on a limited or fixed income.

Conflicting information about what is and isn’t healthy makes it even harder to know what to buy. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone credible could show you at the grocery store exactly what to buy? Wouldn’t it be even better if you got paid while doing it?

Guided Tours with Nutrition Experts in Local Grocery Stores

Johnson County K-State Research and Extension food and nutrition expert Crystal Futrell, and trained Extension Master Food Volunteers will conduct tours at local grocery stores throughout the month of August. Through a grant funded by the Share Our Strength organization, participants will learn principles for shopping healthfully while stretching their food dollars.

How Long and How Many

Tours last about an hour and are suitable for up to five participants at one time. At the end of the tour, each participant receives a $10 gift card to that store.

Topics Discussed on the Tour

Topics covered during the tours will include:

  • How to purchase produce in its three forms.
  • Are canned foods healthy?
  • Is fresh produce always best?
  • What’s the difference between organics and conventional produce?
  • How to cut through the whole grains marketing hype and select the healthiest products.

How to Register

It’s easy to sign up for one of these tours. But you must preregister to reserve your space. Contact Johnson County Extension Agent Crystal Futrell at 913-715-7016, or email her at crystal.futrell@jocogov.org

All tours are free and include a $10 gift card at that store to purchase groceries.

For a list of dates and store locations click here

Special Edition Service Area Boundary Exception Pilot Project

The purpose of the pilot program is to evaluate the impact on the Special Edition system by providing service to facilities affiliated with or certified by a Community Developmental Disabilities
Organization (CDDO). that are outside the current Special Edition service area. The facility being transported to or from, must be within ½ mile outside the current Special Edition southern (159th Street) and western (K-7 and Hedge Lane) service area boundaries. The pilot project will be undertaken for six months, August 1, 2014 – January 31, 2015.

For details and to apply, please download this pdf document.

Regional Transit Brand video

Watch the video on the Regional Transit branding project.  Click here to watch!  What do you think of a regional transit brand on all buses including The JO, Metro, Inde & KCK?  Send comments to cris.lowe@jocogov.org

Emergency Services team up for a special delivery

When Emergency Communications Specialist Bob Long answered the 9-1-1 call at 4:43 a.m., Sunday, June 29, he had no idea he was about to become part of a special event. Stephen Morrison, a Spring Hill resident was on the other end of the call.  His wife, Brooke, was in labor.

In less than one minute, Emergency Communications Center staff dispatched Johnson County MED-ACT paramedics and Johnson County Fire District #2 crews to the Morrison’s home. For the next six minutes, Bob stayed on the phone with Stephen, giving him instructions to prepare for the birth. When they arrived, the fire and EMS crews recognized the signs of impending delivery and calmly and quickly prepared for a safe delivery. Six minutes after they arrived, Wyatt Morrison entered the world. The healthy baby and his mom were transported to the hospital for evaluation and observation. After the fire and EMS crews returned to their station, they realized Wyatt was even more special than they thought. 

On Monday, Wyatt and his family visited Johnson County Fire District #2 station 4 to meet the emergency responders who helped them - including Lieutenant Rick Jordan, who celebrates his own birthday on June 29. Their meeting was featured on Fox 4 news

Delivering babies is not the only emergency service Johnson County provides. For more information, visit www.jocogov.org/residents/emergency-services

Fire and MED-ACT crews with Baby Wyatt and his family  (L-R) Firefighter Colby Stanchfield, Fire Apparatus Operator Nikki Briggs, Captain Brad Davis, Paramedic Mike Hobart, Lieutenant Ashley Raymond holding baby Wyatt, big brother Logan, Mom Brooke Morrison, Dad Stephen Morrison, Captain Tom Turner, and Lieutenant Rick Jordan

Crown Center Deviation

Beginning July 7 through July 30, 2014 - there will be a deviation near Crown Center affecting JO Routes 661, 664, 670, 672, 673, 678.  Click here for full details!

Grocery Store Receipt Coupon

The following grocery stores are printing FREE JO ride coupons on the backs of grocery store receipts - Pick up yours today and ride The JO for FREE!

Price Chopper - 75th & Metcalf

Price Chopper - 119th & Metcalf

HyVee - 6655 Martway - Mission, KS

Price Chopper - 11700 W 135th, OP, KS

Price Chopper - 8686 Antioch - OP, KS

HyVee - 13550 W 63rd, Shawnee, KS

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