The Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Patrol Division provides a wide variety of law enforcement services to the citizens of Johnson County. The geographical areas patrolled by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office include the unincorporated areas of Johnson County and the cities of De Soto and Edgerton.

The Patrol Division is headquartered at the Johnson County Sheriff’s Patrol and Operations Building in the Fred Allenbrand Criminal Justice Complex. In addition to the central station, the Patrol Division has three substations – one each in the cities of De Soto, Edgerton, and Stilwell. The Patrol Division staff has grown to over 50 and includes our Community Policing Unit, an Animal Control Officer and Johnson County Mental Health Co-Responders. These members work as a team to ensure the citizens they serve receive the absolute highest quality of law enforcement services available. 

Some of the services provided by the members of the Patrol Division include:

  • Animal Control
  • Community Education Events
  • Community Event Security
  • Criminal Investigations
  • Medical Emergency Response
  • Mental Emergency Response
  • 911 Emergency Response
  • Roadside Motorist Assistance
  • Serving Arrest Warrants
  • Serving Civil Process
  • Traffic Accident Investigation
  • Traffic Enforcement

While all members of the Patrol Division are trained, equipped, and capable to perform these functions, the Patrol Division includes specialized teams for certain functions. The specialized teams include: 

  • Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance Inspectors
  • Crisis Intervention Team Members
  • Drug Recognition Experts
  • Field Training Officers
  • Motorcycle Unit  
  • Traffic Accident Investigation Team