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Proudly serving our special needs community.

Origins of Take Me Home

We would like to thank Officer Jimmy Donohoe of the Pensacola, Florida Police Department for developing the database software and sharing it—free of charge—with the citizens of Johnson County.  We would also like to thank Alison Anderson for her time as a deputy with Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. Alison was instrumental in bringing the program to fruition, educating our staff, and building connections with the special needs community.

What is Take Me Home?

The Take Me Home program is a database maintained by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Communications Division and is only accessible to law enforcement personnel. The database includes a picture, disability information, physical description, emergency contact information, and map of all registered individuals. If a person in the Take Me Home program is encountered alone by a police officer, or is reported missing, the officer can access the database by the person’s name or description to locate their enrollment record. With this information at hand, the officer can appropriately assist your loved one.

Take Me Home is a free service proudly offered to the citizens of Johnson County by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office. A team of deputies committed to Johnson County’s special needs community maintains the database daily.

How It Works

In the event an enrollee is contacted, and an officer has reason to believe they may be a candidate for Take Me Home, the officer can access our database to identify the person and better assist them. If there is a match to our database, an emergency contact will be notified immediately to let them know their loved one has been found.

If a loved one enrolled in Take Me Home goes missing call 911 as soon as you can and inform the police dispatcher of the individual’s enrollment in Johnson County Sheriff’s Office Take Me Home program. Please note that we also share this information with agencies that we do not dispatch for such as Overland Park, Shawnee, Lenexa, Leawood, and Prairie Village.

We will attempt to contact you each year via email or phone to maintain up to date information on the person you have enrolled. For children or elderly, we request an updated photo each year as physical appearance can change dramatically. Otherwise, photos for adults can remain the same as long as it is an accurate representation of their current appearance.

Who Can Enroll?

Any child OR adult who may have difficulty communicating due to a developmental or cognitive disability, while lost or in an emergency-situation. These individuals tend to be at risk for wandering and may include people with disabilities such as Alzheimer's, Autism, Dementia, Down syndrome, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), etc.

We ask that anyone enrolling an individual be either a family member, legal guardian or is turning in a signed registration form on behalf of the individual's family with their permission.

Individuals who do NOT qualify for enrollment include people with ONLY physical disabilities, hearing impairment, vision impairment, anyone who can communicate via translator/interpreter and children who have not reached a developmentally appropriate age for speech. If you have a question about an individual’s condition pertaining to our criteria contact a Take Me Home administrator at 913-782-0720 or email us. 

How to Enroll

The easiest way to enroll an individual is through our online registration page.  Submissions through our online registration will go directly to our Take Me Home administrators to enter into the database.

Online Registration

Alternatively, you can download and print the registration form. After completing the form, you may email it as an attachment (along with a current photo) or mail in the physical form, with photo, to our Communications Division. The address is as follows:

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office
Communications Division – Take Me Home Program
11880 S Sunset Drive,
Olathe, KS 66061

You may also email us to contact one of our Take Me Home administrators directly and correspond through email where they can provide you the necessary forms and answer any questions.

Lastly, you can pick up a registration form from our Communications Division at 11880 S Sunset Drive in Olathe and fill it out when convenient for you.

Please be aware that a team of deputies review enrollments and enter them to the database after review; enrollment is not immediate upon submission.

Make It Picture Perfect

When you provide a photo, please choose one similar to a yearbook or passport photo. We are looking for a clear view of the individual’s face that is accurate to their current appearance.

Take Me Home Window Clings

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office offers free window clings to the families and caregivers of Johnson County with special needs loved ones. These clings were designed for placement inside of vehicles or residences where an occupant could be non-verbal due to disability. You are not required to be enrolled with Take Me Home to benefit from these window clings. Contact the Sheriff’s Office at 913-782-0720 orshr-disptakemehome@jocogov.org

Do You Want Us to Speak at an Event?

If you are a school or special needs organization and are interested in the Sheriff’s Office attending an event to speak about Take Me Home, please contact us at 913-782-0720 or email us.