Inmate Services

The Programs Unit at the Olathe and New Century Detention Centers coordinate a number of different programs available to the inmates while in custody such as:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Religious Studies
  • Catholic Services
  • The Gracious Promise Foundation
  • Connections to Success


The Programs Unit is responsible for the pre-approval of religious/educational books inmates wish to have mailed into the facility. All books must be pre-approved, soft covered and mailed directly through the United States Postal Service from a bookstore or publisher.

Inmates are also provided a selection of books in their assigned housing module. These books are donated by members of the community and after approval, are available for inmate use. These books are rotated on a regular basis to ensure the availability of varied reading material in the modules.

Clergy Visits

Both facilities allow visiting clergy non-contact visits with specifically requested inmates. Visiting clergy must be ordained/licensed and provide a certified copy of ordination papers for their chosen faith and complete an application specifically naming the inmates they wish to visit. Upon approval, these clergy will be allowed to visit only the specific inmate named in their application.

Other Services

  • In-House Copy Service (For court requested copies only)
  • Use of the Law Library
  • Donated Religious Text
  • Barber Services
  • Notary Public — A notary is available on site at both facilities. Notarized documents are completed after an inmate fills out the proper request form.  A cost of $3.00 will be charged to their inmate account.  However, some exceptions can apply, and we make every effort to address an emergency situation should one arise. Requests for the service can be made Monday – Friday from 8 A.M. to 2 P.M. by calling (913) 715-5900 for New Century or (913) 715-5100 for Central Booking.

We are currently accepting applications for volunteers interested in helping with the Religious Studies and Alcoholics Anonymous programs. This process is extensive and involves several applications, a background check, and security training. Only after successful completion of all steps, and final approval, will an applicant be allowed to participate in facility programs.

Anyone interested in becoming a Visiting Clergy, Program Volunteer, or to donate books to the Inmate Library are asked to please call (913) 715-5975 or email us for more information.