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Trip Calculator

The True Cost of Driving

Riding The JO can save you money. Use this Cost of Driving Calculator to see how much you spend each month driving to and from work. Enter your information and click calculate to see the results.

How many miles do you drive to and from work each day - round trip?
How many days per month do you work?
How many miles per gallon does your vehicle average?
How much does a gallon of fuel cost?
How much do you pay for parking monthly?
What is the average cost per mile for maintenance, repairs, depreciation, insurance, taxes, etc.?**
What is your average cost per mile for oil, maintenance and tires? This represents savings on the cost of driving to work, but by still owning the extra vehicle you will continue paying taxes, insurance & depreciation.
Your monthly cost of driving to work is...
Your annual cost of driving to work is...

Four 10 ride passes cost $81.
A monthly Passport pass costs $71.

Add to that the social savings of less vehicle emissions, fewer road repairs, less congestion and lower accident rates.

For information on carbon emissions, see this calculator from the EPA Air Quality. Riding the bus can save over 650 pounds of monthly Carbon Dioxide and 20 pounds of Carbon Monoxide pollution.

** Based on AAA annual Your Driving Costs study for the composite national average of 15,000 miles per year driven. Range shown is 0.366 - 0.926 depending on mileage, vehicle size and vehicle cost.