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Certified Partners

Johnson County Government have awarded their 2018 Certified Partners. This year 26 businesses, non-profits, and schools have been recognized for outstanding environmental achievements related to waste diversion, recycling, composting, purchasing sustainably, and more. Awardees met criteria in the following categories:

  1. REinvest in their company, community, economy and future.
  2. REthink their business process, how they manage resources and purchasing power.
  3. REduce consumption, waste and their environmental impact.
  4. REuse products and consciously buy reusables.
  5. REcycle as a last resort and buy recycled products to support a closed-loop system.

Of the 26 awardees, there are 5 businesses, 2 non-profits, 2 universities, 1 city government, and 16 schools in the Shawnee Mission School District.


Business & Organizations

City of Shawnee- City Hall
As the hub for city activity, Shawnee wanted their City Hall to lead the way in waste diversion not only for its residents, but for other city operations as well. From paperless court systems, eliminating paper coffee cups building-wide, to recycling their old traffic signal electronics, the City of Shawnee has shown the necessary leadership to affect positive change.

A small company with big priorities, CommandApp is committed to being a 95% digital company for themselves and their clients. Their office has shunned all disposable items in favor of durables, donated all unneeded office items during a recent move and purchased used items as replacements. A one trash can office is showing how modern business is done.

As a leader in the ingredients industry, Corbion is well positioned to understand organic waste. It’s not surprising then that incorporating food composting into their office waste diversion efforts is one of the first things you’ll notice. What’s not so obvious, but even more impactful, is their dedication to creating a sustainable supply chain for their agricultural raw materials.

Grantham University
It’s no surprise that education can be paper intensive. What is remarkable however is that Grantham University has cut office paper usage in half simply by changing default printer settings to duplex, requiring employee codes to retrieve print jobs and digitizing all employee paperwork. Grantham even changed their diplomas to meet more sustainable guidelines by adjusting the size and converting cardboard and linen materials.

Growing Futures Early Education Center
Growing Futures transitioned from no waste diversion to fully implementing recycling in all offices, classrooms and kitchen facilities. Going even further, all kitchen serve ware is now washable and reusable. Next on the list is working towards electronic filing of all files.

InterUrban Lofts
As a newly constructed apartment building, InterUrban Lofts got off on the right foot by designing a separate recycling chute in all trash rooms and providing recycling bins in all units. Switching from single-use disposable cups in the coffee bar area to durable mugs resulted in savings of $500 a year and further reduced their waste stream.

InTouch Solutions
Intouch Solutions is a digital marketing agency dedicated to leading the way for its over 450 employees by making composting fully accessible to all at work. Intouch expects that dedication to carry over at home as well and provides monthly tips to continue their education.

Rise Against Hunger
The local office of Rise Against Hunger is one of 25 locations around the globe charged with packing meals for international hunger relief and is one of four pilot locations for its Go Green initiative. Warehouse recycling activities have diverted vast quantities of stretch wrap and cardboard and will soon target food ingredient bags from their suppliers.

University of Kansas-Edwards campus
Serving a diverse set of 2,000 students, 175 staff and over 75,000 conference center visitors makes for a complicated waste stream. Through strategic placement of over 100 recycling bins in offices, classrooms and common areas, KU Edwards Campus has already replaced one weekly trash pickup with an added recycling collection. In the spirit of collaboration and utilization of resources, KU Edwards has begun regularly hauling their glass to neighboring Johnson County Community College campus for recycling.

Wiener Kitchen
Restaurants are some of the most difficult waste generators to manage, and while Wiener Kitchen has implemented all the logical steps such as providing recycling to its guests, eliminating Styrofoam and emailing receipts, they’ve also been very innovative. Food preparation scraps are cooked into stock, juiced or used to cook staff meals and they take great pride in considering their kitchen zero waste.

Shawnee Mission School District
The list of locations below represents the culmination of a multiyear commitment by Shawnee Mission School District to implement full-scale recycling in all facilities district wide and composting in all school cafeterias. To date, school efforts have achieved an average of 80% waste diversion and influenced behaviors of thousands of students.

  • Horizons High School
  • Shawnee Mission Northwest High School
  • Hocker Grove Middle School
  • Trailridge Middle School
  • Broken Arrow Elementary School
  • East Antioch Elementary School
  • Merriam Park Elementary School
  • Roesland Elementary School
  • Rushton Elementary School
  • Santa Fe Trail Elementary School
  • Swanahoe Elementary School
  • Arrowhead Day School
  • Shawnee Mission Early Childhood Education Center
  • Center for Academic Achievement
  • Broadmoor Administrative Center
  • Operations & Maintenance Center



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Get Certified

The Green Business Program is a voluntary and non-regulatory program that provides free education and technical assistance on a variety of environmental issues to businesses, schools, and places of worship in Johnson County. The primary goals of this program are to decrease waste, increase recycling, improve energy efficiency, and ultimately save your organization money and resources.

Your organization may be eligible for up to $500 in materials to support your waste diversion projects.
Funds are limited, contact Kalenna Coleman to learn more: 913.715.6981

Five Steps to becoming Certified:

  1. Get Started -- SIGN UP NOW!!
    We have a team of experienced waste reduction experts who will get you on the path to becoming Certified. Find out what you can do to save money and resources. Fill out this form to sign up for our Green Business Program.

  2. Waste Walk-Through
    Schedule a FREE waste walk-through with our expert team. This is a non-invasive facility tour where our staff will ask questions about your current practices and identify areas for efficiency, recycling, and cost savings.

  3. Implement Recommendations: Following your waste walk-through, our team will provide you with resources and recommendations for greening your business. You can then select recommendations that work for you; implement and save. We will be there to help you along the way.

  4. Track Savings
    We highly recommend that you track the strategies that you implement and their impact, so you can see the difference your efforts are making. You can also brag about the savings to your coworkers and customers.

  5. Get Certified!
    Become Certified: By meeting minimum qualifications you become eligible for certification and, if approved, will also be recognized at our annual Certification Reception. Not to mention the reduction in waste, disposal costs, increased efficiency, and hopefully cost savings you will experience along the way.

For more information contact Kalenna Coleman at 913.715.6981

Johnson County staff will connect you with other area resources, commit to supporting you in further improvements and to lend assistance in overcoming technical issues and challenges.


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Whether you're a restaurant or school, retail or a manufacturer we can help you green your business. Can recycling work for you, are you interested in zero waste, or how to start a Green Team? No matter your starting point we can help your business or organization achieve your goals and be recognized as a Green Business Certified Partner. 


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