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Emergency Management

Phone: 913-782-3038

111 S Cherry, Suite 100, Olathe, KS 66061

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The Emergency Management Division serves as the County’s designated disaster response agency and emergency operations center with the responsibility for all disaster and emergency management and response coordination.


Department News

Annual Emergency Operations Center Exercise
September 23, 2016

On Wednesday, Johnson County Emergency Management activated the county Emergency Operations Center, or EOC, to support the annual EOC exercise. This years exercise saw over 80 people participate from the EOC helping to simulate the response to a fictional terrorist attack in Johnson County. The exercise ran for a little over 8 hours.

To find out how you can become better prepared visit www.joco72.org andnotifyjoco.org

Joint EOC/National Weather Service Exercise
July 28, 2016

EOC PicturesOn the morning of July 26th,​ we participated in a joint exercise with the National Weather Service testing our severe weather preparedness, communications, and documentation procedures. It was a great opportunity to keep our skills sharp and interact with vital partners of the Integrated Warning Team. We operated both our primary and alternate EOC simultaneously and independently, while coordinating with the NWS. While there were some lessons learned, both EOC's completed all tasks of the exercise without challenges. Great work!

Board of County Commissioners Approves County Emergency Operations Plan
May 3, 2016

On April 21st, 2016, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners approved the County Emergency Operations Plan.

The County's Emergency Operations Plan, or CEOP, defines the policies, coordination, and roles and responsibilities required to meet the needs generated by a disaster in Johnson County. It also describes the concepts of operations and emergency processes needed to successfully manage such an event. As part of the plan’s regular maintenance, the Department of Emergency Management and Communications has been coordinating the revision of the plan over the course of the last year. This revision ensures that the plan is congruent with state and federal planning guidance.

You can find the CEOP listed under our Emergency Management Program page, or click here CEOP


2016 NWS Storm Spotter Training
January 13, 2016

Meteorologist Andy Bailey from the National Weather Service office in Pleasant Hill, MO will lead this training seminar designed to enhance your ability to correctly recognize, identify, and relay information about severe weather. In fact experience shows the counties who most aggressively train spotters and share real time reports with the NWS receive the highest quality warnings for their area. Real time reports are that critical to our warning forecasters during severe weather events.

The seminar will be engaging and interactive with numerous opportunities for questions! 

This event is free and open to the public of all ages! 

Facebook event link

Theater #1
B&B Theaters Overland Park 16
8601 W 135th st
Overland Park, KS 66223

JoCo EM becomes a Weather Ready Nation Ambassador
February 22, 2016



As part of its continuing mission to create a better prepared, more resilient community; Johnson County Emergency Management recently joined the Weather Ready Nation initiative by becoming a WRN Ambassador.  Over the next few months, Johnson County Emergency Management will integrate the initiative into its community outreach program as a way to engage businesses and community organizations to become more prepared for severe weather.  


Are you part of a business or community organization and would like to become part of the WRN Ambassador program?  Click here to find out how you can become and ambassador!