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Office of the County Appraiser

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The County Appraiser is responsible for discovering, listing and valuing all taxable property within the County and provides for equalization of all such properties to ensure fair and equitable taxation.

Department News

Early Release of all Taxable Commercial Real Estate NOAV's
February 10, 2015

For the valuation year of 2015, the Johnson County Appraiser's Office will have an early release of all taxable commercial real estate Notice of Appraised Values (NOAV). Approximately 7,000 parcels will be mailed on Monday, February 16, 2015. These parcels will have an appeal deadline of Wednesday, March 18, 2015, thirty days after the mail date.

All other real estate NOAV's will be mailed on Monday, March 2, 2015. Those notices will have an appeal deadline of Wednesday, April 1, 2015, thirty days after the mail date.

If you have any questions or if we can be of any other service, please contact our Support Services Department by calling (913)715-9000.


Paul A. Welcome, CAE, FRICS, ASA

County Appraiser

2015 Market Study Analysis
February 9, 2015

Market Study Analysis for the Assessment Year 2015 - Johnson County

Jan. 1, 2015

Pursuant to Kan. Stat. Ann. 79-1460a.

A study of the residential real estate indicators reflects the market has continued to rebound with 90% of the properties increasing in value for 2015. In our annual valuation process, we reviewed over sixteen thousand five hundred residential sales and used this data in a sales comparison analysis within ORION to develop Market values. In addition, the ORION Mass Appraisal system utilizes a national cost service, Marshall & Swift, which provides the Appraiser's office with annual updates each July. No changes were implemented from the annual depreciation study preformed for residential property. Land analysis indicates the supply is in the balance with minor adjustments made to land values.

Overall, commercial real estate values improved. Johnson County values commercial real estate by either the income, cost and market approaches.

The current return of the economy is positive overall, but the recovery is slower for office and retail values. The industrial market is improving at a faster pace and apartment values continue to remain strong.

Apartment rents and occupancy levels continue to increase while capitalization rates are nearly flat across most investment classes. Some capitalization rate compression is indicated for higher investment grades as development and sales occur. New apartment construction reached approximately 2,000 units in 2014.

Industrial markets improved slightly with nominal changes in rents, improving absorption rates, and flat to declining capitalization rates resulting in a moderate increase in industrial values. Capitalization rates have compressed 0 to 50 basis points depending on size and tenant improvement finish. The industrial market has improved with the completion of the intermodal rail and ongoing construction of  storage facilities. Expectations for construction remain strong as the expansion, or phase two, of the intermodal had been publicized.

Office building values are increasing. Office occupancy slightly improved for both southern and northern parts of the County. Rent rates are relatively level to slightly increasing and capitalization rates are seeing compression for larger buildings. Office buildings less than twenty thousand square feet did not see any appreciable capitalization rate change.

Retail development is returning and notably along some major thoroughfares. Rental rates remain flat for most all categories and vacancy continues to be an issue for unanchored shopping centers. Capitalization rates have compressed slightly for most retail categories including higher investment class single tenant retail and strip shopping centers. Restaurant and retail banks remain strong with slight compression in capitalization rates. The overall retail property values are stable to slightly increased.

The annual depreciation study for commercial property resulted in some adjustments to various property types for economic life and other variables. The land study for commercial property was updated again as last year, with continued positive changes in methodology for improved uniformity.








Personal Property Rendition Mailing
January 5, 2015

Johnson County Appraiser’s Office to distribute personal property rendition mailings

JOHNSON COUNTY, KANSAS (Dec. 22, 2014) The Johnson County Appraiser’s Office will mail approximately 27,000 rendition forms to Johnson County property owners, businesses, and oil and gas accounts on Dec. 31. Rendition forms are used to value taxable personal property.

According to Kansas Statute K.S.A. 79-303:  Property owners are required by law to provide a listing of tangible personal property that is owned or leased, as of the first day of January.

Examples of commercial personal property that must be reported include manufacturing equipment, computers, telephone systems, copy machines, shelving and racks, and plant machinery. Examples of individual personal property include recreational vehicles, boats, motors, trailers, heavy trucks, mobile homes, off-road vehicles, four-wheelers, and aircraft, etc.

The filing requirement does not apply to the following:

  • Motor vehicles that are taxed at the time of licensing
  • Commercial equipment that cost $1,500 or less
  • Commercial equipment purchased after June 30, 2006

March 16 is the deadline for Johnson County personal property owners to return renditions to the Johnson County Appraiser’s Office. Late filing penalties will apply to renditions received after March 16.

Property owners who do not receive a rendition form, or have questions are advised to contact the Appraiser’s Office at 913-715-9000.

About Johnson County, Kansas

Located in the southwestern quadrant of the Kansas City Metropolitan Region, Johnson County, Kansas is a community of choice with a current population of more than 570,000, making it the most populated of the 105 counties in Kansas, but traditionally having the lowest mill levy in the state. For more information visit the county’s website at www.jocogov.org.



2014 Q4 Notes of Value
January 13, 2015
2015 Multiplier and Rent Study for Small Multi-Family Properties
November 24, 2014

In preparation of the 2015 Multiplier and Rent Study for small multi-family properties the Johnson County Appraisal staff will be conducting survey calls from late November to mid-December. Calls will be made during regular business hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) to property owners of recently purchased multi-family properties. The purpose of the study is to develop a current rental income analysis for the Johnson County area; therefore, survey questions will include monthly income per unit, breakdown of rental income, confirmation of county record characteristics, and general condition of the property at the time it was acquired.

The Multiplier and Rent Study are utilized to determine a gross rent multiplier (GRM). GRM is the relationship or ratio between the sale price or value of a property and its gross income.


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