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Licenses and Permits

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In order to conduct any business of itinerant sales, as a vendor or transient merchant, or operate an auction or garage, yard, farm or home sale, within the... more

Permit: Land Disturbance
Phone: 913-715-8300

Erosion and Sediment Controls are required when disturbing land in Johnson County. A "Land Disturbing Activity" is any activitythat changes the physical... more

In order to conduct any parade or public demonstration upon any public road or right-of-way within the unincorporated area of the county you must obtain a... more

To acquire a building permit for a single-family residential building or for a multi-unit residential building, where each unit in the building has a separate... more

The Residential On-Site Program issues permits for private sewage treatment systems where property owners are not served by a public wastewater collection... more

If you are in the Johnson County Wastewater service area and prepare or serve food, including those that only serve drinks (coffee, soda, tea), a departmental ... more

All sanitary sewer service lines are required to be permitted and installed in accordance with JCW standards and procedures.  All service line installations... more

When moving large objects by roadway, notify Road Maintenance the day before the move at 782-2640 or fax 715-2453. The permit shall be carried in the moving... more

Permit: Utility
Phone: 913-715-8300

Utility requesting permission and authority to install, operate, and maintain facilities as described on the permit. more

Visit this page to find documents providing definitions, permit requirements, pretreatment requirements, enforcement remedies and other regulations for the use... more