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BOCC update

Board of County Commissioners update

More information including official minutes, votes and videos on all items is available at boccmeetings.jocogov.org.

To reduce the spread of COVID-19, the Johnson County Administration Building is closed to the public effective March 25, 2020. For the Thursday, March 26, 2020, Board of County Commissioners Meeting, the County Commissioners were not physically present in the Board Hearing room and used Zoom, an online meeting tool, to conduct the meeting.

During this time of health emergency, we will also be prudent with our business agenda, deferring action when feasible, and we will not be accepting Public Comments during the meeting. If you have information or comments related to any item on our agenda that you would like to have presented to the Commissioners, we encourage you to submit that information in writing. If you wish to submit information, please email those comments/statements to the BOCC-Clerk@jocogov.org before noon on the Wednesday, before the Thursday BOCC meeting. Comments received by noon will be shared with the entire Board prior to the meeting. If you are unable to email the comments, you may call the following number, and we will record your information. (913) 715-0424

BOCC actions for the week of March 23, 2020

  • Authorized an agreement with K&W Underground, Inc. to install fiber optic lines to the Tomahawk Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility in Leawood, in an amount not to exceed $203,002.50, per the City of Olathe Agreement #15 4100.
  • Authorized a contract with Pfefferkorn & Drury Construction, LLC, for the bridges K.0-2.97 (Clare Road) and K.02-3.0 (191st Street) for box bridge construction, grading, surfacing, and seeding, in an amount not to exceed $445,559.
  • Continued this item for an indefinite period of time. Conduct a public hearing and consider authorizing funding for the Leawood Collection System Plan in an amount not to exceed $1,112,000.
  • Authorized county staff to begin immediately and expeditiously to develop a robust plan and to determine associated costs for COVID-19 testing and to report back to the Board at the earliest possible time, with an immediate Emergency Meeting of the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners to consider said proposal.

Various members of county leadership provided the board with updates on COVID-19 including:

a. Public Health Update – Assistant County Manager - Joe Connor; Director, Department of Public Health and Environment - Dr. Sanmi Areola; Johnson County Health Officer - Dr. Joseph LeMaster

1. Public Health Response

2. Testing Strategy

b. Organizational Response – County Manager – Penny Postoak Ferguson

1. Johnson County Services

2. Contingency Planning

To stay current on the Board’s schedule, please check the board’s calendar at https://jocogov.org/calendar-created/month?field_event_type_tid=4224