Prohibited and Restricted Businesses

Permanently Enjoined and Restricted Businesses

These businesses and individuals are restricted from operating as a result of civil cases brought by the District Attorney’s Office under the authority of the Kansas Consumer Protection Act, K.S.A. 50-623 et seq. The restrictions only apply within Johnson County and only limit transactions with consumers. The list identifies judgments obtained since 2012 and is updated periodically. For more information, contact the Consumer Fraud Hotline at (913) 715-3003 or visit

Injunction List

11CV6629 Angel Edge/Hy-Pro Chemical Corporation Any Business
11CV6630 Joy Edge d/b/a Crown Products Any Business
11CV9216 Nicholas Dillman/KC Pro Landscape, LLC Any Business
12CV962 Julie Hatcher/John Norris/Reaper Investment Partners, LLC/Death Productions, LP Any Business
12CV5550 David Dice/D&J Foundation Repair and Remodeling, LLC Any Business
12CV8021 David LaSalla/Strategic Contracting Network, LLC Any Business
12CV8198 Traffic Jam Events, LLC Any Business
12CV8561 Tyler Korn and Scott M. Pattison Any Business
13CV181 Nathan Jackson d/b/a Narthan's Irrigation and Landscape Any Business
13CV434 T&R Associates, LLC d/b/a Pride Suzuki of Olathe Auto Dealerships
13CV843 Gene Cole Swain/Ultimate Storm Shelters Any Business
13CV1274 Brandon Wilson d/b/a Wilson roofing/Wilson Roofing, LLC Any Business
13CV1334 Good Neighbor Home Services, LLC Any Business
13CV1863 Emilee I. Parton/The Savvy Bride, LLC Any Business
13CV3871 Platinum Protection, LLC Any Business
13CV4381 Mark Stephens d/b/a KC Gutterguard a/k/a KC Gutterglove Residential Guttering 
13CV4503 Darlene Evans/Billy Scott d/b/a E&S Custom Windows & Sidng d/b/a E&S Custom Siding & Windows  Any Business
13CV5330 Baptist Foundation of Kansas City/Baptist Senior Ministries d/b/a The Villas at Grace Gardens Senior Living Facilities
13CV5985 Matthew Wright d/b/a Wright's Construction Any Business
13CV6599 Robert A. Tabone/Robert Tabone Quality Motors, Inc. Any Business
13CV6832 Vacation Smart International, Inc. Any Business
13CV8309 Unified Doers Management Group, LLC Any Business
14CV0070 Steven Charles Seifert d/b/a Ashley Fence & Hardscape Any Business
14CV734 LTS Travel, LLC Any Business
14CV1645 Bridgewater Marketing,LLC d/b/a Tier 3 Productions/Market Development partners, LLC/Express Investments, LLC Any Business
14CV3925 Courtney Cramer d/b/a United Credit Services, LLC Any Business
14CV4201 Timothy J. Davis/T.D. Contracting, LLC Any Business
15CV943 Dana Cox d/b/a Great Finds, LLC/Great Finds Consignment Home Furnishings & Gifts Any Business
15CV1023 David King Any Business
15CV1279 Larry V. Shannon d/b/a Value Construction/D&L Construction Any Business
15CV2572 Philip A. Franco d/b/a Calico Forge Knife Co. Any Business
15CV4255 Lawrence Pandjaris/Westside Motor Company Any Business
15CV4477 Julie Bernet/AnezkaK9, LLC Any Business
15CV6398 Todd Smith Any Business
15CV6481 Malley  Surgical Weight Loss Center, LLC Any Business
15CV7224 MetroMacs, Inc. Any Business
16CV725 John Sewell/Patriot Roofing, Inc. d/b/a Kansas City Exteriors Any Business
16CV737 Daniel O'Keefe d/b/a DLO Plumbing Any Business
16CV5729 Darin Robinson Any Business
16CV7173 S. Curley Concrete Finishing & Construction, LLC Any Business
17CV133 Michael Carrel d/b/a Showcase Kitchen Remodeling Residential Construction/Remodeling
17CV1137 Karly R. Parker d/b/a Top Performance, Inc. Any Business
17CV1771 Lane Slaten/Midwest Auto Group, LLC Auto Dealerships/Auto Sales
17CV2968 Brett J. Vilott d/b/a Vilott Baseball, LLC Any Business
17CV3041 Travis Malley d/b/a Nexcar, LLC Auto Dealerships/Auto Sales
17CV4318 Daniel Fikru d/b/a Nile Automotive, LLC Auto Dealerships/Auto Sales
17CV6267 Carbon Designwork, LLC Any Business
17CV6435 Kalen Barker/Bryant Callahan/BlueHollar, LLC Home Improvement Referral Services
18CV4019 Patrick Dalton/Driveway Auto, Inc. Auto Dealerships/Auto Sales
18CV4165 Donald Nasgowitz a/k/a Donald Grabowski Jr./Midwest Masonry, LLC Any Business
18CV4166 Michael Philpot d/b/a Philpot Floor Coverings and Contractors Any Business
18CV5170 Fred Goebel/Showroom Carstar, LLC Any Business
18CV6103 Christopher Taylor d/b/a Taylor Home Remodeling Residential Construction/Remodeling 
19CV657 Bradley W. Johnson/The Rent Company, LLC Residential Property Management
19CV4538 The Car Store, LLC Any Business
19CV5119 Herbert Caroll Harder Any Business
20CV0025 Christopher Ryan Chapman Any Business
21CV3268 Vernell Carter II Auto Dealerships
22CV458 David Rosales Any Business
22CV5178 Nathan Jackson Any Business
22CV2600 Luis Ricardo Zelaya Any Business