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Johnson County strives to be a healthy organization by providing wellness initiatives such as a Fitness Class Program, on-site health coaches and an on-site flu vaccination program to our employees. By having a healthy workforce, the wellness efforts will help reduce health care costs for employees and save the taxpayer increased costs.

2019 Wellness Incentives Campaign Period: 01/03/19 - 09/03/19

Johnson County Goverment Employees have the power to improve their healthcare costs.  All activities to earn the Wellness Incentive are through Bravo Wellness.

Employees and their spouse (if applicable) should create a Bravo Web Account to track the status of their wellness incentive at www.bravowell.com/johnsoncountyks 

To View an overview of the 2019 Wellness Program CLICK HERE.

To View the complete 2019 Program Guide CLICK HERE


To View How to Get Your Biometric Values CLICK HERE

To View the 2019 Health Screening Schedule CLICK HERE.  Log on to your Bravo account to schedule an on-site Health Screening or download a Physician Screening Form to take to your doctor.  CLICK HERE for instructions on how to schedule a screening or download the form to see your doctor.

Tobacco users who are participating in the Wellness Strategy, CLICK HERE to View information on Tria's S.T.O.P. Program.