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What if my license plate is lost or stolen?

If your license plate is lost or stolen from your vehicle, you must file a police report in the city in which the loss occurred. Bring the police report, current registration, and current insurance information to either motor vehicle office to obtain a replacement plate. This must be done by the registered vehicle owner, or the registered owner may give someone Power of Attorney to process this transaction on their behalf. The cost of this transaction is $3.00, or $4.00 if a duplicate registration is needed.

How do I obtain a 60-day tag?

A 60 day tag may be purchased by bringing the assigned title, bill of sale, and current insurance information to either Motor Vehicle location. The 60 day tag will be valid for the first 60 days from the date of purchase. The cost of the 60 day tag is $8.00 and is payable by cash only.

Locations and Phone Numbers

  • Mission Office - 6507 Johnson Drive, Mission, KS, 66202 - (913) 432-2266
  • Olathe Office - 13507 S Mur-Len Road #137, Olathe, KS, 66062 - (913) 829-2501

* Call for hours of operation *

Where do I go for my Driver's License?

  • In Johnson County, driver's license services are provided by the State of Kansas Department of Revenue. The Johnson County Motor Vehicle Offices do not process driver's licenses.
  • Driver's License Examination is responsible for examining everyone applying for Kansas driver's licenses. Driver Control maintains all driver's license records, along with traffic violation convictions, suspensions, and revocations.

How do I obtain a duplicate title?

How do I find out if my title has been issued?

Call us at (913) 826-1800 with the plate number or VIN number and we can check the status for you.

How much is the personal property tax on a vehicle?

Property tax can be estimated by going to the Property Tax Calculator and entering the owner's last name initial, year, make and model of your vehicle. This is also pro-rated.

How much does sales tax cost on a vehicle?

Sales tax, if applicable, is made up of state, county, and local tax rates. Please view the latest Sales Tax Rates through the Kansas Department of Revenue.

How much does it cost to register a vehicle?

Registration fees can cost between $39 and $49 per year (prorated to the number of months before you re-register the vehicle). Title fees are $10. The Kansas Highway Patrol charges an inspection fee to inspect vehicles that were previously titled in another state. Please visit www.KansasHighwayPatrol.org for more information.

What can I mail in or drop off?

To renew your registration by mail you may send a check, money order or cashier’s check in the envelope provided with your renewal notice, along with valid proof of insurance. Applications for lien releases, disabled placards, duplicate or secured titles (with payments) and refunds can be dropped off or mailed to either of our Motor Vehicle Offices for processing.


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