After being denied access to the new elementary school, the parents hired attorney Elisha Scott to file a lawsuit against the school district. The case was known as Webb v. School District No. 90. The lawsuit argued that a The local chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) was organized with the help of Esther Brown to secure national support for the Webb lawsuit.  Alfonso Webb, the father of the lead plaintiff, was named the first chapter president. (Photo courtesy Historic Merriam, Inc.)
state law prohibiting segregation in small towns had been broken when the school board refused
the black students entry to South Park Elementary. This case went through the various levels of the court system eventually reaching the Kansas State Supreme Court.
   In 1949, the Kansas State Supreme Court stated that the black students had to be allowed to attend South Park Elementary School. Their decision upheld the state law against segregation in schools in small towns. In September 1949, black students were admitted into South Park Elementary without incident.