When the new South Park Elementary School opened its doors in 1947, black students were not allowed to attend. Many of their parents protested that their taxes helped pay for the new school. In 1948, black parents again tried to enroll their children in the new school. The school board refused to admit black students. The parents and other concerned citizens appealed to the Johnson County Court but were still denied entrance. A group of parents, teachers and concerned citizens filed a lawsuit against the school district, Webb v. School District No. 90.
   As the court case proceeded, black parents organized a boycott of the Walker School. They refused to send their children there. In 1948, all but two of the students had
Hazel McCray-Weddington and students from Walker Elementary, 1946.  (Photo courtesy Johnson County Museums)been pulled out of the school. These children attended classes in the homes of two of the parents - Lucille Gay and Marva Berry. Grades 1 to 4 were taught by Corinthian Nutter and grades 5 to 8 were taught by Hazel McCray-WeddingtonCorinthian Nutter and students from Walker Elementary, ca 1948.  (Photo courtesy Johnson County Museums). Fund raising was organized to help pay for the teachers' salaries and legal expenses which totaled $2,500. In 1949, no students enrolled in the Walker School.