The community of South Park, Kansas, was founded in1887. The first residents moved to the area from Kansas City. From the beginning, South Park was an In 1947, all black students attended the Walker School.  This school was in poor condition with bad lighting and often no heat. Over 40 boys and girls had to share an outdoor bathroom. (Photo courtesy Bill Curtis Collection)integrated community. By 1900, four black families had settled in the town of 250 residents. South Park continued to grow and became a part of Merriam when the city was incorporated in 1950.
   In 1888, Johnson County School District No. 90 was
In 1947, a new South Park Elementary School opened for the white children. Built at a cost of $90,000, the two-story, brick school had eight modern classrooms, an auditorium, a lunchroom and a playground.  Many of the black students walked by South Park Elementary School on their way to the Walker School. (Photo courtesy Sun Publications)organized to serve the educational needs of the children of South Park. A one-room wooden school was built to house both black and white students. As new structures were built for the white students, the original building continued to serve as the schoolhouse for black children. By 1947, the Walker School, as it was known, had been expanded to two rooms and served 40 students.