On May 3, 2002, the Johnson County Museum, in partnership with South Park Elementary, unveiled an exhibit recounting the struggle for equal education in South Park, Kansas. This exhibit originally hung in the central hallway at South Park Elementary. It has been permanently moved to the Merriam Park Elementary School at 6100 Mastin in Merriam, KS. This new school is a merger between the former South Park and Merriam elementary schools, which both closed in 2007.

  The Johnson County Museum provided research, writing and supervision of the project. Exhibit production funding came from the Ewing M. Kauffman Fund for Greater Kansas City and a State of Kansas Goals 2000 Project grant. The following institutions also contributed to this project: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, NE Chapter of the NAACP, Merriam Community Center Foundation and South Park Elementary School PTA.

  On May 25, 2004, this exhibit was dedicated to the memory of Corinthian Clay Nutter (1906-2004), an inspiring educator and a civil rights leader in Johnson County, Kansas.

Timeline of Events

The Full Story

Individual Chapters:
1. The Struggle for Equality
2. South Park, Kansas
3. Compare the Schools
4. Walker's Walkout
5. Webb v. School District No.90
6. Esther Brown
7. Brown v. Board of Education
8. The Legacy of South Park