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This morning we passed the road to Oregon, that leaves, about eight miles from Round Grove, the Santa Fe Road, and turns to the right towards the Kansas [river]. A way post had been put there, marked: “Road to Oregon”…

--- Frederick A. Wislizenus, 1846

Trail Junction and Bull Creek Campground.

Private land northwest of Junction Park, 183rd Street and Old Highway 56 - Unincorporated land in Johnson County, KS

Although the trails in Johnson County were well traversed, the junction of the Oregon-California and Santa Fe trails was a place where many could easily make a wrong turn. At some times, the trails were marked with a sign that assisted travelers in finding the right trail.

It is also a distinct possibility that the actual junction itself moved throughout the area during the many years of use. Bull Creek, a campsite located near the junction, was noted for its good timber and grass.

Note: The trail junction was located near the third oil pump.

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