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This morning we buried John N. Collins, a private in Captain Turner’s company. His grave is situated on the right hand side of the road about 150 yards east of the ‘Lone Elm,’ the only tree to be seen on the prairie for miles around and I could not but reflect that his lonely grave would in the course of a few years be traversed by the plough shear of civilization and the last resting place of the poor soldier who went out to fight for the rights of his country and to secure those very desecrators the rights which they value so highly, should be forgotten and the rank corn should rustle above and around this spot where a few moments ago were heard the muffled drum and discharge of firearms as his comrades fired their salute over the lone grave.

--- Ben Wiley, 1847

Current site of the Lone Elm Campground.

Lone Elm Campground
(Also known as Round Grove)
Development of Lone Elm Park, 167th and Lone Elm Road
Olathe, KS

Few landmarks in nineteenth century Johnson County were as recognizable as the legendary “Lone Elm” tree. Located at the campsite that bore its name, the tree was easily seen amidst the largely treeless prairie and noted in many trail guides.

In 1906, the Daughters of the American Revolution placed a red granite marker near the campground. Today the land is owned by the City of Olathe and is being developed into a multiple-use park. The new park will feature softball and soccer fields, historical interpretation and a walking trail along the creek.

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