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…driving up to the encampment on Indian Creek….The position of this encampment is highly picturesque. The margin of the small stream is fringed with a grove of timber, and from the gently slope, where our wagons are drawn up, the verdant prairie, brilliant with flowers of every dye, stretches far away on all sides, diversified in its surface by every conceivable variety of undulation.

-- Edwin Bryant, 1846

Picture of Flat Rock Creek campground.

Flat Rock Creek Park, 13120 West 103rd Street - Lenexa, KS

George Sibley, an early surveyor, named the Flat Rock Creek campsite for the large rocks that lined the creek bed. The campsite was later known as Indian Creek. Emigrants could easily cross the creek here because of the low banks and solid limestone bottom.

Like Sapling Grove, Flat Rock Creek was a popular rendezvous point. At a rendezvous Overland travelers would often meet a day or two out from their starting point to organize their caravans, select officers, train their new oxen and mules and get their bearings. Those traveling to Oregon and California drafted resolutions and laws to govern the group on the long, tough journey ahead. Flat Rock Creek and Sapling Grove were a short day’s travel from Westport.   next slide

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