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The boundary line between the United States & the Indian Territory is well defined & so jealous is the American government of any interference with the Indians that a fine of $1000 is inflicted on any person going on to the Prairies without a passport, which necessary documents had been provided for us by the Indian Agent at Westport. This excellent regulation is, I believe, principally for the purpose of checking the introduction of arms & spirituous liquors amongst the Indians, both of which articles were formerly smuggled in large quantities, to the great detriment of the tribes. It has been invariably found that the imposition and rascality practiced by the traders (a class of men abandoned to every vice & depravity) has not only caused the degeneration of the Indians, but also inspired them with distrust and hatred of the white men, and the care the American government now takes that such practices may cease is a creditable exception to their general treatment of the natives --- William Fairholme, 1840

Shawnee Indian Agency (also known as the Northern Agency of the Western Territory and Fort Leavenworth Agency)

Intersection of Brookwood Street and State Line Road, located south of 59th Street and north of 63rd Street, west of State Line Road Mission Hills , KS.

The picturesque residential landscape of Mission Hills sprang up on what had been the location of a prominent Indian agency. Indian agencies were built throughout the west to administer Indian affairs for the government. Travelers on the overland trails were required to obtain passports before entering Indian Territory.     next slide

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