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  1. Air Compliance

    ... reviews all processes and operations at the company's facility and determines the need for a permit and what specific regulations ... permit will contain specific details that restrict the way a facility must operate in order to comply with the regulations. This insures ...

    Type: Page Updated: 09/03/2019 Department: Health and Environment

  2. Forensic Science

    ... forensic research and leadership in sustainability. The facility provides law enforcement with specialized forensic research ... and collaborative work space for investigators. The new facility is not a single laboratory, but actually nine distinct laboratory ...

    Type: Facility Updated: 08/22/2019

  3. Educational Materials About the Proposed New Courthouse

    ... and security issues [2 minutes] VIDEO: Coroner facility situation [1 minute] VIDEO: Courthouse plan basics [2 ... presentation from public meetings Courthouse/Coroner Facility Brochure Courthouse fact sheet Fall 2016 issue of ...

    Type: Page Updated: 07/19/2019 Department: County Manager Office

  4. Administration Building

    ... as well as most of the non-judicial public hearings. Facility List ...

    Type: Facility Updated: 08/22/2019

  5. Facilities Operations Center

    ... archives@jocogov.org *Closed for major holidays. Facility List ...

    Type: Facility Updated: 08/22/2019

  6. County Courthouse

    ... the courthouse is on the south side of the building. Facility List ...

    Type: Facility Updated: 08/22/2019

  7. Northeast Offices

    ... Department, both of which operate clinics from here.  Facility List ...

    Type: Facility Updated: 08/22/2019

  8. Sunset Building

    ... Certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. The facility provides an outstanding working environment and is designed to be ... identifies native plants and materials. Facility List ...

    Type: Facility Updated: 08/22/2019

  9. Get Certified

    ... walk-through with our expert team. This is a non-invasive facility tour where our staff will ask questions about your current practices ...

    Type: Page Updated: 09/05/2019 Department: Health and Environment

  10. Olathe health clinic closing at 2 p.m. on Dec. 24, 2019

    ... health clinic is closed Dec. 24-30, 2019. Facility:  Health Services Building Northeast Offices Event ...

    Type: Calendar Event Updated: 09/05/2019


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