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Permits and Inspections

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Get more information about applying for a blasting permit, learn more about current regulations or how to file a complaint. more

We will work with you to schedule inspections on every stage of your building project based on codes and standards regulated by the County. Remember, an... more

Get more information about burning permits and applications. more

We provide a permit fee table where you can calculate your building permit fee. The permit fee is based on valuation. With the adoption of the 2012... more

A property owner or contractor must obtain a permit from the Johnson County Public Works department prior to installing a new driveway entrance or... more

Get information about regulations, permits, applications, and fireworks safety. more

We have dozens of forms and applications online for builders, subcontractors, land disturbance certifications, and more. more

Get your individual planning and zoning forms from the Planning & Development department here. more

Erosion and Sediment Controls are required when disturbing land in Johnson County. A "Land Disturbing Activity" is any activity that changes the physical... more

To acquire a building permit for a single-family residential building or for a multi-unit residential building, where each unit in the building has a separate... more

Utility requesting permission and authority to install, operate, and maintain facilities as described on the permit. more

To begin the process of applying for a Residential permit, visit www.mygovernmentonline.org to create an account.  All applications and the issuance of the... more