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Juvenile Corrections

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While a juvenile is in the custody of the Kanas Department of Corrections(KDOC) Juvenile Services Division he/she will be assigned a case manager who is... more

The purpose of Juvenile Court Services is to assist the court in providing the offending youth with an opportunity to become socially responsible, individually... more

All youths who are on diversion or probation are required to submit to drug screens as directed by their Court Services Officer (CSO). If you have questions... more

SKIP is a prevention/early intervention program designed to help lower-level truants. Truant students come before a panel of their peers who review truancy... more

District Court Judges Thomas E. Foster and Kathleen L. Sloan and District Magistrate Judge Michael Farley preside over juvenile cases.  more

The expungement process is an opportunity for former criminal defendants to remove prior convictions from their criminal record. more

The Juvenile House Arrest Program is the highest level of supervision available to youth in the community. House Arrest operates from within the Juvenile... more

The Juvenile Intensive Supervision Program (JISP) was developed in 1994 to provide an alternative for juvenile offenders in lieu of removal from the home. JISP... more

 The Juvenile Detention Center, located in Olathe, KS, is a 69-bed two building complex which houses juveniles from ages 10-17. The Juvenile Detention Center... more

The Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI) is designed to address the efficiency and effectiveness of juvenile detention across the United States.... more

Diversion is a program for juveniles with no prior offenses who commit less serious offenses and are therefore given a “second chance”. Juvenile who are... more