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Photos & Videos

The seven-story courthouse will be approximately 320,000 square feet, with 28 courtrooms, expandable to 36 courtrooms in the future.

The facility will resolve key issues with the existing courthouse, providing a safe and secure environment, with appropriate set back from the street, an appropriately-designed structure with efficiencies and function necessary to carry out justice, accessibility that is compliant with ADA, while meeting the county’s judicial needs for more than 75 years.

Funding for the courthouse will come from a voter-approved 10-year, quarter-cent public safety sales tax to finance and build a new county courthouse and medical examiner’s facility. The new courthouse will be built across Santa Fe Street, directly north of the existing courthouse and west of Olathe City Hall. The project will be completed in early 2021. The current courthouse will then be torn down and the green space developed into a courtyard area.

Photos / Renderings:

Video Rendering of New County Courthouse

Courthouse Public Engagement