Save 20% on fall art items from Johnson County Developmental Supports' Emerging Artists

Fall Vibes Sale

Artwork through Johnson County Developmental Supports' Emerging Artists Program is on sale this fall during the program's Fall Vibes sale.

Throughout October, you can get 20% of all fall art items from the "Fall Vibes" section of the program's online store. Works for sale include various fall-themed art, from portraits and landscapes to 3-D pieces.

The Emerging Artists Program provides adult artists with intellectual or developmental disabilities the opportunity to showcase their talents, as well as sell their artwork.

Artists in the program are at varying stages of artistic development. Acrylic painting is the most-used medium, but many works are also done using watercolor, colored pencil, woodworking, sculpture and more.

Learn more about JCDS' Emerging Artists Program, and shop the program's online store now.

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