Johnson County AAA ramps up tools to access aging services

The Best Times Digital Edition

April 27, 2021

May is Older Americans Month with a 2021 theme of “Communities of Strength.”

In May, the nation will celebrate the strength of older adults and the Aging Network with special emphasis on the power of connection and engagement in building strong communities.

The Johnson County Area Agency on Aging (JCAAA) is your gateway to a broad range of services and supports for older adults and people with disabilities. In order to connect with all the services and resources available in the county, we offer a few important tools and resources to access aging services and resources.

Explore Your Options 2021 – A Directory of Services

Finding services or supports to live in the community can feel overwhelming. Many people do not know what services are available, whom to ask for help or where to start.

To kick off 2021, the AAA sent copies of its directory of services to all older adults on The Best Times mailing list. The directory is available in hard copy and online to help you find a multitude of services including in-home and community-based services, disability resources and support groups, exercise, wellness, and recreation, financial assistance and legal services, healthcare, housing, transportation and more. The directory also includes guides for memory care, Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

What’s Online?

The AAA created a charter team to make online access to information on the web easier and more understandable. Keep watching as our online information develops and changes this year, and becomes easier to access.

We will continue to feature areas of interest such as in-home services, legal assistance, nutrition services, KanCare Medicaid services, advocacy and legislative information from the Commission on Aging, and volunteer opportunities.

The JCAAA is part of the Aging and Human Services Department, so when you click on Departments at the top of the Johnson County government page, Aging and Human Services is the first department listed. Some people also click on “Health” in the blue bar at the top of the page…and then select “Senior Services.”

Where to Start?

The JCAAA’s Information and Assistance line is staffed by specialists well-versed in directing you to services for older adults in Johnson County. You can read about our services in our brochures and directories, online and in The Best Times.

Sometimes you need a little extra insight or perspective, a step-by-step approach to a situation, a pathway to support, or a glimmer of hope that there are options for your needs. If that’s the case, feel free to call 913-715-8861.

We are also working to add an online intake form which will be beneficial to the community in contacting our agency. When call volumes are high, the on-line intake form can be another option to request information and assistance from the JCAAA.

As we continue to develop these tools, we welcome your feedback.