Johnson County releases valuation and tax levy information for 2022 budgets

Somir Hassan, Interim Johnson County Clerk, today, Nov. 2, released valuation and tax levy information for the 2022 Johnson County budgets. The 2021 mill levies and valuations are available on the Records and Tax Administration Abstract/Mill Levy webpage. Records and Tax Administration is a division of Johnson County’s Treasury, Taxation and Vehicles department.

“Calculating and publishing the annual tax abstract is an important part of our annual taxation performed by the county clerk,” said Tom Franzen, Johnson County Treasury, Taxation and Vehicles director. “This now allows the treasurer to create tax bills, which will be mailed out in the near future.”

Growth in Johnson County increased 4.49% over the previous year. As of Oct. 31, 2021, total valuation – the value used for setting the levies – was $12,260,371,273 compared to $11,733,829,400 on the November 2020 abstract.

The real estate valuation in Johnson County increased 4.52%. The valuation of real estate in the county was $11,894,714,344 on Oct. 31, 2021, compared to $11,379,924,403 in 2020.

The personal property valuation decreased 5.46%. Personal property valuation on Oct. 31, 2021 was $72,330,549, compared to $76,510,039 in 2020.

State assessed utilities, certified by the Kansas Department of Revenue, increased 5.74% to $293,326,380 on Oct. 31, 2021, compared to $277,394,958 in 2020.

Since 1997, $20,000 of appraised value for qualifying residential parcels of real estate and some mobile homes are exempt from the school finance levy.

The County Clerk has the responsibility of examining the budgets to verify that each fund is within the statutory tax levy limitations and then establishes the mill levies to raise the ad valorem tax to be levied.

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