Johnson County Mental Health Center receives grant to fund Reentry Project

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration has announced the distribution of a record-setting $825 million in grants to 231 Community Mental Health Centers across the county, including Johnson County Mental Health Center. This funding reflects a commitment to supporting and expanding access to mental health and behavioral support as Americans continue to confront the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. JCMHC will utilize $927,513 in grant funds for its Reentry Project, supporting the unique mental health needs of incarcerated individuals as they prepare to reenter society. 

“We know that getting incarcerated individuals the mental health support they need is critical for their long-term wellness and success outside of the justice system,” said Tim DeWeese, JCMHC director. “This grant will not only change the lives of the hundreds of individuals directly served by the Reentry Project, but also the lives of these individuals’ families, friends and neighbors. There are also systemic benefits, such as reducing loads in the criminal justice system caused by recidivism or in the health system caused by untreated mental health conditions. We are excited for the new doors that this grant opens to us to be able to serve our community in meaningful ways.” 

For the Reentry Project, JCMHC will collaborate with the Johnson County Department of Corrections and the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office to ensure individuals with behavioral health conditions who are being released from county detention centers have access to services and resources that meet their unique needs when transitioning back into the community. 

“We enjoy our partnership with Johnson County Mental Health Center and look forward to continuing to help our in-custody population get the help they need and establish a continuum of care with the proper resources after release,” said Johnson County Sheriff Calvin Hayden. 

A new team, including clinicians, a case manager and a peer support specialist, will provide services to individuals with behavioral health conditions at the Johnson County Adult Detention Center and the Adult Residential Center. Interested individuals can view open positions and apply on the county’s website

SAMHSA and Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) award grants through their Community Mental Health Centers grant program. The program enables community mental health centers to support and restore the delivery of clinical services that were impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and effectively address the needs of individuals with serious mental illness and substance use disorders.

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