Election Office reports official results

Provisional ballots for the local general election were reviewed at Tuesday’s canvass for the election. The Board of County Canvassers voted to count or partially count 1,000 provisional ballots and not count 187 provisional ballots. A list of reasons that provisional ballots were counted, partially counted or not counted is available here.

The board reconvened in the afternoon to certify the results for the election. Official final results are available on the Election Office’s website.

There was an eight-way tie for two open positions in the Monticello Drainage District. The tie was created by write-in votes, as no candidates had filed for the office. To break the tie, two names were drawn out of a bowl by Commissioner Jeff Meyers.

There are no automatic recounts in Kansas. Candidates have until the close of business Nov. 10 to request a recount. 

Election Office