Community Health Assessment shared with new campaign

The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment has released the latest Community Health Assessment at The site is really more of a story (with pictures) about how residents live, learn, work and play in Johnson County.

The narrative of Kansas’ healthiest county begins with one, life-altering data point: There is a 12-year difference in life expectancy in Johnson County neighborhoods located just five miles apart. This is more than a decade that some residents do not get to enjoy retirement, grandchildren or hobbies. While Johnson County is proud to be #1 in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s County Health Rankings, the data shows there is still work to do in our community. 

The site punctuates the narrative with interactive data graphics users can download and use in their own work. Get the latest data on suicide, chronic diseases, access to medical care, and maternal and child health. also explores the issues residents talked about in door-to-door surveys, including financial fragility, high housing costs, mental health conditions like depression and anxiety, and their need to better connect to friends, families and neighbors who care about them.

Visit and learn how we can work together to build a healthier, more equitable Johnson County.

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