BOCC takes action on former Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant property

A new chapter has started for the clean-up and redevelopment of the long-vacant former Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant property near De Soto. Yesterday, Feb. 10, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners approved two actions related to the property.

During the BOCC meeting, the board officially dissolved the county’s long-dormant Sunflower Community Redevelopment Authority and amended the redevelopment agreement with Sunflower Redevelopment, LLC. In 2005, the U.S. Army designated Sunflower Redevelopment, LLC, the owner/developer for the property. The amendment to the redevelopment agreement addresses the annexation of 6,000 acres by the City of De Soto and protects the beneficiaries of park land and other public uses. 

The plant property is located south of K-10 Highway, in De Soto. 

“The actions taken by the BOCC yesterday are a good step forward to begin redevelopment,” said Chairman Ed Eilert. “The board’s action supports the opportunity of economic development, which will benefit the City of De Soto and Johnson County.”  

Learn more about Johnson County’s involvement with the former Sunflower Army Ammunition Plant property. Watch a rebroadcast of yesterday’s BOCC meeting (discussion begins at 1:21:00).

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