BOCC authorizes funding for Dykes Branch Pump Station and Middle Basin Facility improvements

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After a public hearing on Nov. 17, 2022, the Board of County Commissioners voted 7-0 to approve $1.138 million for the Dykes Branch Pump Station Improvements Project. Dykes Branch Pump Station carries wet-weather flow to the Tomahawk Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility and is in the process of being converted to a wet-weather-only pump station to return the pump station to its intended service capacity. This funding is for the design and bidding phase of this project.

The board also unanimously approved $1.3 million for the design and bid phase of the Douglas L. Smith Middle Basin Wastewater Treatment Facility Influent Screening and Disinfection Improvements Project. The purpose of this project is to improve two systems at this facility, the influent screens and the ultraviolet disinfection system, that are nearing the end of their useful lives.

The ultraviolet disinfection system provides required disinfection of the facility’s waste to meet water quality requirements and the influent screens remove large debris that come to the treatment facility and could damage the influent pumping or downstream equipment.

The funding source for this project is the Capital Improvement Fund of the Consolidated Main Sewer District.

Previous BOCC Action

In May, the BOCC previously authorized $1 million for the Middle Basin Facility Plan. The Influent Screening and Disinfection Improvements Project is being coordinated with this plan.

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