Public Hearing on Sunflower Area Plan Update

Grassy field and paved trail with water towers behind it

Share your comments with the Planning Commission at a public hearing on updates to the Johnson County’s Rural Comprehensive Plan, related to the 1998 Sunflower Area Plan.

The hearing will take place during the May 23, 2023 Planning Commission meeting. Planning Commission meetings take place in the Hearing Room of the County Administration Building, 111 S. Cherry St., Olathe, KS.

You can participate in the public hearing in person or via Zoom. Pre-registration is not required. View the public hearing memoZoom procedures and meeting agenda.

Sunflower Area Plan Update

This public hearing is regarding proposed amendments to the Rural Comprehensive Plan. In 2022, the City of De Soto annexed one-third of the Plan’s study area. Because most of the 1998 Sunflower Plan area has been annexed, the county is revising the Comprehensive Plan to reflect this change. The only proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan are related to the 1998 Sunflower Area Plan.

Subcommittee for the Sunflower Area Plan Update

Over the last six months, a Planning Commission Subcommittee reviewed the current Plan and relevant information. The Subcommittee recommends dissolving the 1998 Sunflower Area Plan and that the remaining county land be designated as Rural Policy Area on the county’s future land use map. It would maintain the existing rural character with limited residential development and a standard residential density of one residence per 10 acres.

Find additional information at, or contact Johnson County Planning at 913-715-2209 or [email protected].

Date: May 23, 2023
Time: 5:45 pm

Administration Building
Room: Hearing Room

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