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MACPP Vehicle Metro Bid


Bid Information and dealer comments for the MACPP 2019 Model Vehicle Bid. Johnson County IFB Number 2016 002. Agencies should read and be familiar with the following information.

While this bid is very comprehensive, it is not practical nor the intent to price every conceivable option/vehicle configuration. Buyers are encouraged to contact dealers for additional information and to confirm pricing prior to placing an order. Agencies are encouraged to review the “low overall price” before buying a vehicle. Options added to the base bid amount may change the “low overall price” and therefore, the lowest priced dealer. Included with the bid tabulation are several reports which should be reviewed prior to a purchase. They are as follows:

  • Dealer Bid Attributes report: This report lists the dealer’s delivery fees, cooperative use, initial warranty and other attribute responses. Dealer Bid Attributes
  • Dealer Line Item Report: If a supplier took specific exceptions, made bid item clarifications, or bid item comments to a line, those will all be shown in this report by line item. Not all items will have a dealer comment. Not all dealers will have made a line item comment. Dealer Line Item
  • Dealer Contact Report: This report includes the salesperson name, e‐mail, and any supplier notes relating to a vehicle purchase against this contract. Dealer Contact

Options MSRP Pricing Website Instructions:

The pricing for every possible available option is not shown within the bid documents. For pricing on options not shown within the bid documents, use the following websites for your initial search. Buyers are encouraged to contact the respective dealers to provide current pricing and confirm what option packages are required to meet individual needs.

Heavy Duty Trucks: For Heavy Duty Trucks that are in Group I, you will need to contact the dealers directly for additional options pricing and available configurations to ensure that you will get the appropriate vehicle. There are too many variables to fully capture them all in this bid.

  • Kenworth - contact selling dealer for details.
  • Ford - contact selling dealer for details.
  • Freightliner – MSRP info is on the website at www.freightlinersprinterusa.com for different models etc. as well as paint charts.
  • International - MSRP info is on the website at www.internationaltrucks.com for different models etc..

Please e‐mail questions to:
Dale Bauer ‐ Purchasing Administrator
Treasury and Financial Management
111 S. Cherry Street, Suite 2400 Olathe, Kansas 66061

Final Base Bid Tabulation (complete spreadsheet of base bid cost by vehicle group per dealer)

Vendor Information: